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Penimaster: keeps slipping off.

Penimaster: keeps slipping off.

Hey all,

I just got my Penimaster today. I’m very impressed with the product - appears to be very well made and durable. The only trouble I’m having is getting the thing to stay on. I position it directly behind the glans, hoping the rim of the glans will not slip through. Unfortunately, it still slips through. Any suggestions?

BTW, this is a problem I also have with the BIB - I have to tighten it so much that the head always darkens and gets cool (so I can’t use it for longer than 10 minutes at a time).

My plan is to use the BIB on weekends when I have enough time to use it. During the week, I hope to wear the PM under my clothes to work. I’ve been jelquing, but I have a real need for length, and I’d like to gain length before focusing on girth.


Maybe wrap with theraband first? Or do you already do that?

I’ll give that a shot. I feel kind of stupid not thinking of it first - I use it with the BIB, you’d think it would occur to use it with the PM! Thanks for jogging my memory!

I’m dying to get my hands on some Theraband also…

I would think that the rubber on rubber contact on the PM would decrease the slipping and maby the wrapping will help on the numbness…?

Originally Posted by EEE
I’m dying to get my hands on some Theraband also…
I would think that the rubber on rubber contact on the PM would decrease the slipping and maby the wrapping will help on the numbness…?

If you are getting numb, you should stop what you are doing and let your cock heal. When you start again, change the way you position the PM so you do not get numb. Numb is bad and you must not allow it to occur or you could do some permanent nerve damage.

If you can’t find theraband in a store, just google it and buy it on-line.

Thanks gprent101 for your advice.

I might have to take a little brake from the PM.

I’ve been wearing it 3 hours a day at max stretch and sometimes feel a little tingling and pinching in the glans after removed from traction but it goes away in about 10 minutes.

I have tried clamping down lower on the shaft but that hurts too…

It is hard to find the right material and way to use the PM effectively…

Make sure to use a smaller bar and attach the rubber strap well below your glans. Then you can add the two smaller bars to increase the length. I used the PM for 6 months then started hanging with the Bib. I now use the PM as an ADS after hanging to cement gains. You can use Theraband to help with slippage. I found that it is best not to use their black protective sleeve which causes more slippage. I now just put the rubber strap directly on bare skin with no slipping. I also wrap the whole band with a knee high pantie hose to keep the band in place. If you don’t the notches will pull out.

Just the man I wanted to hear from!
I’m gonna start with your advice tomorrow wearing lower on the shaft.
I have one question?
When you were wearing the PM for 8 hours a day did you have it on max or close to max stretch.
Or can results be seen with lower tension?


Triple E,

Close to max man. I used the thing all the time even at work (at least 8 hours a day…I was a fanatic). I wore boxers and loose pants and took a lot of inconspicuous potty breaks. The thing does work but make sure to check it every half hour if possible. My gains were pretty exceptional from the device but I also jelqed and did Ulis. Did you read my thread on the problems I had? You can avoid these.

I am hanging with the Bib right now and will put on the PM after my last set. Some things I learned with the Bib hanger is to make sure to wrap the theraband (1.5” - 2” strip) at least 1 inch below the glans and this will help to keep your head from being constricted by the band that will slide forward. Make sure to tighten the the device after you add weight.


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