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A word of warning, about Edema or fluid build up in soft tissue, is it can lead to ulceration and even fibrosis. The nature of extenders being used daily for prolonged periods with say, a head modification that leads to repeated fluid build up could give rise to these problems. Good health and circulation will help you avoid complications, but if you have blood pressure or cardiovascular problems be careful.

Off the shelf creams such as MSM, Vitamin E and Vitamin C creams have been used to ease these complaints.


Lab Man, could you give a easy to understand description of what ulceration and fibrosis is so I know what to look for in the future?

Originally Posted by babbis
Lab Man, could you give a easy to understand description of what ulceration and fibrosis is so I know what to look for in the future?

Hi babbis - I enjoyed your illustrations/ details by the way, on the JES head modifications.

OK firstly, if you are in good health, the fluid build up will and should subside on a dialy basis.

Ulcers are when the fluid breaks the skin like when you get a burn.Painful and difficult to heal.

Fibrosis is when the soft tissue is scarred and it no longer behaves in the manner it should with loss of elasticity, swelling and pain. Worst case scenario curved penis.

For further education, put a search out on Edema.

Pumpers create large levels of Edema all the time and get away with it. However, my point is that the Extenders are being used constantly, and the fluid build up, might not be allowed to dissipate from day to day, giving rise to these problems.


Originally Posted by babbis
Scratchy, have you tried to modify it yet?

It is very simple. Takes about 10 min to make.

About the; “..looks like you’ve got a thrombosed vein in those pics!” , I think I will take that as a compliment?

I am not quite sure what a thrombosed vein is but I think it is one that is injured and hard with bad blood flow?

My veins are wide open and the blood flow is excellent. Always been that way.

By the way, I now have upped my ADS wearing by alternating between the modified head piece and the traditional silicone tube. The pain is no longer a factor and the only thing that keeps me from wearing it all day is that it shows under pants.

No I haven’t modified it yet, because I don’t have the necessary materials, and to be honest, I have no idea where to get them from!e.g the pill canister, I’m not just going to waste money on some tablets, and mine usually come in those brown canisters with the small openings! I think the doctors’ caught on over here!:D Is there any alternatives? I don’t know where to get one of those clamps from either, need somewhere preferably in the UK.

I don’t think it was your picture I was looking at, but someone has a thrombosed vein! You can tell its not a good, thick vein because there is only one, and it looks quite hard!

XLmagnum, that’s the spirit!:D It really does make all the difference you know, lets start a fresh!

Nice to hear you found that funny chainz!:D

Actually, now that I have payed closer attention to detail I have found an alternative to the canister (mouse cap), all I need now is a replacement for the silicon tube? Where do you get them from?

”..all I need now is a replacement for the silicon tube? Where do you get them from?”

Not sure why you would need a replacement? Does not the penismaster have some sort of rubber-strap or the likes to hold your penis in the extender?

Just make the head piece, put it on your penis head and put your penis in the penis master like you usually do.

Oh, so that silicone tube that you use to attach the modified head, is not a necessity? I can just use the rubber grip that comes with the Penimaster?

Do I attach the rubber grip to the canister or below it?

Make a ridge of tape on the canister and attach it behind this ridge. I have explained it in the step-by-step.

Okay, thanks babbis, but I’m still having problems attaching the seal to the canister, The balloon keeps ripping! I think I need a longer canister as well because my glans are pushed right to the top, and in your pics, it appears that you have quite a lot of room.


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