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Penimaster counterproductive to length gains?

Penimaster counterproductive to length gains?

I read the following in the Hanging section of the archive (Hanging) under the heading “Ending the Set and Continuing”:

If lower than maximum weights are used there is a chance that the tissues will adapt to the weight by becoming stronger, while the tension may not be great enough to actually cause permanent deformation.

If this is true, then wouldn’t wearing a Penimaster actually slow down length gains for hangers?

I believe the PenisMaster should be used in conjunction with other forms of PE. Lets say you hang, you create microtears, you want it to heal in extended state. So using the PM would keep it in that state for however long you want to wear it.

That’s how I’m using mine right now.

I’ve been able to add the shortest rods to my Penimaster twice, having hung for only a week

I’m going to try to hang for as long as possible daily, but if for some reason I have to stick to just the Penimaster I’ll make sure I hang at least one set to keep it all stretched.

[…]you want it to heal in extended state.

Exactly. Penis retraction will heal the microtears in the retracted state, potentially, in my opinion, even leading to it getting smaller. Even if that’s not true, it would undoubtedly lead to it getting stronger at the tears, and gains would become increasingly difficult. Keeping the penis in a strained and stretched state, in my opinion, is what you want ideally.

I made a custom penismaster, and I wear it when I can have the chance (at home alone, in my sweats, etc). And I ‘tuck’ when I sleep at night, to keep my penis in a stretched state for as long as reasonably possible.

This stuff works.

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

Is there information on how the tears repair themselves- how long it takes etc.

I’m wondering if I should end my hanging sessions early so that I can keep it stretched out with the Penimaster long enough for it to repair in the extended state.

Bed-fowfers aside it probably wouldn’t be as productive to hang right up to bedtime and then leave it to heal unstretched for example.

Maybe some of the more experienced PEers as well as ‘those who know’ could comment. :)

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