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PEing while sleeping standing up?

PEing while sleeping standing up?

I believe it is possible, but it would be somewhat difficult to build something that will keep your whole body up. Plus it would be safer than people who PE while sleeping on a bed.

When you are PEing.... he sees.

…and I thought some of my ideas were strange!

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Originally Posted by Iguana
.And I thought some of my ideas were strange!


But OP has a point there. Of course it would be easier to prevent turning while in bed, but wheres innovation in that. :D

I don’t think the issue with sleep PE is simply turning- it seems to me rather to be an issue of not being able to monitor you dick status— are you numb, blue, cold to the touch..

Having once nodded off with my piece in an ADS [friends don’t let friends drink and PE!], I awoke a short while later to all the negative indicators you could ask for short of gangrene.

Don’t even think of sleep PE [unless we’re talking pillow fowfers, which work nicely to keep your meat loose and warm without any risk].

Luck and length

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Once upon a time, I gave the ‘Static Stretcher’ a shot. I wore it on average 16 hours a day for close to two months. Sometimes, I wore it throughout the night, putting in some 24 hour days. Trust me; there is plenty of time throughout the day for PE. There is absolutely no need for stretching at night. Not only did I risk cutting off circulation and loosing my dick, I was so worried about horrible things happening that I did not sleep well at all.

OH, and what did I gain from all that risk and trouble: Nothing!

Your body does it’s own natural PE while you sleep. Your penis goes through several erection cycles in conjunction with REM sleep and this serves to keep your penis healthy and repaired.

Forget about doing PE while you sleep. Don’t mess with your bodies natural cycles!

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