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PEing in summer - not for me


PEing in summer - not for me

Is it just me — when summer began, I haven’t actually given much thought to PE. I just don’t care. Even the idea of jelquing or stretching for close to an hour gives me goose bumps… Summer is not PE time for me.

I know that I’ll be PEing like never before in the fall, but now it’s time for other stuff, and to use the hard-earned gains ;)

A Man behind his mask.

Yea I know what you mean. Summer is so distracting. The sun is out, the women are wearing less, and you just feel like having more fun.

So far this summer, I’ve been able to downgrade from “borderline compulsive” to “mildly obsessed.” I’m very proud of myself. :)

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

PEing in summer… is a hard thing to do. As I do my routine in the office-toilet I am suffering from very weak air conditioning in this brand new office building. It’s a new low-energy-standard building using night-time-cooling and passive cooling by cold-water pipes in the ceiling. But it doesn’t work! Everybody was upset last week when it was very hot and humid in Frankfurt. Even the Executive Officer voted for lynching the architect.

These temperatures caused severe sweating while hard core jelqing, it really did! >:<

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Hell, doing anything besides laying by the pool seems like a chore in the summer time. Even going to the gym seems like a job sometimes. Right now, the heat and humidity is smothering, and walking from point A to point B causes delusions of walking through a desert. Yuck. :down:

Well, Johan, I couldn’t disagree more.

Summertime= PE- time & freeball-time.

Imagine an hour in the pump and dryjelqing in between(In the morning),
walking aroud in shorts all day long with a nice, hung, heavy feeling,
at the beach, your dick wanting to be unleashed,
your bulge getting stares from the mermaids…;-)

I’ve talked to my therapist about this.
It’s called OCD.

But the bottom line is, everybody should do what makes them happy.
So take the summer off, I sure won’t!

Hej då!


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Summer? hmmmm....

You guys should try coming to Scotland. We just had 2 days of sun. That’ll be the summer over then. It is currently pissing down and has been all day. Just in time for the weekend….

I’d love the chance to go to a beach without being soaked by rain and the wind just about knocking you off your feet….

Still - I wouldn’t want to live in Texas and be soaked in sweat all day, the grass is always greener I suppose.

See Ya,


I have to take the summer off from hanging due to kids being home. I’ll work in a few dry jelq and uli sessions just for grins.

Summer’s the real time for me this year. Girlfriend’s out of town on business and only comes home for weekends every other week. I have an extended vacation and all the time in the world on my hands. So, even though it’s hot I’m doing three session a day. I know… I’m crazy… But hopefully it translates into some solid gains. And I sure can use the breaks from the sun now and then.

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Re: Summer? hmmmm....

Originally posted by BigJ
You guys should try coming to Scotland. We just had 2 days of sun. That'll be the summer over then. It is currently pissing down and has been all day. Just in time for the weekend….

I'd love the chance to go to a beach without being soaked by rain and the wind just about knocking you off your feet….

Nice day in scotland: The rain is comming straight down instead of sideways. But I still miss the Highlands.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Sumer? Up here in the backwoods? We even get snow (you know, that white fluffy stuff that floats eerily down to the ground, only to dissipate in front of your very eyes?) in the middle of summer! And we only get 3 months of warm weather up here, the rest is winter!

Up here we say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!” And given that we only have such a short summer season, it is hard to cram all the outdoor activities in just a few weeks that I would like to do, much less find the time to PE. But, I will stick to my PE as diligently as possible.

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Summer is PE season for me. I’m building a weapon of mass ass destruction.


There is no replacement for displacement

I went on a camping trip with a few buddies for about a week, and did no PE in that time. My dick wasn’t hanging worth shit the whole time.

Happens every time I don’t PE for a while, shrinky dick. It felt so good to get back to my regular pre shower jelqing sessions and stretching in the bathroom at work. :)

Stupid El Nino…. Damn you el nino!!! Damn you to hell!!!

It is winter here is australia land. I am glad it’s not so damn hot any more. I am an ice-man by nature. I prefer low temps to high.

Still, when its raining all the damn time, it’s difficult to get money! (I work outside usually) And what the hell else is there to do? PE, sex, sleep! all good!

Conform to the weather! It is your master! Twatteaser has made it so with his psyscho-ray…

HAHA HAAA! Now’s my chance to blow past all ya lazy bastards!!! Muah ha haa!

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