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PE Workout Video?

PE Workout Video?

I know we have a few short video clips about how to perform specific techniques but I was curious if anyone actually made a PE Workout Video from start to finish? I know we all have our own routines however this is the case with full body workouts and the thousands of workout tapes out there. I know that many people follow direction better than taking the initiative on things like working out so if we (yes, I’m including myself in this group) had a video to follow to do our manual stretches, jelqing, etc it may keep us motivated. What do you guys thinks? The only bad thing is that I wouldn’t want anyone catching me PEing to a PE video. I’d be committed I think!

“PEing to the Oldies” by Richard Simmons. You don’t have it?

I placed an order for “PE-Bo” a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, Billy Blanks still throws in kicks and punches while he PEs and its rather disturbing to watch.


thanks for that. My co-workers all looked at me snickering uncontrollably over here…

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell

Hmm, I might look into this…

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A video to keep us motivated for PE? I thought that’s what porn was for.


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