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PE with a Prince Albert

PE with a Prince Albert

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I got a PA for my 60th last Nov. No, I wasn’t going thru a mid-life crisis, I just like them. Started out with a 10 gauge and am now at an 8 gauge and will probably stop there or stop possibly at a 6. About two weeks ago I started back pumping, 15 minutes a day at 6 Hg. Have not put on my Bib as yet tho. Recently, I started putting very light weights on my CBR, like those small padlocks you use for luggage and also the small trinkets that come with key rings. It dawned on me that this may be an additional way to keep a slight stretch on the Little Chap all day. I’m very mindful of the stoma and keep it very pliable with B. ointment. I’ve also wondered about attaching the ring to an elastic band on my leg for a constant stretch, even when sitting down. I had one of those all day stetch bands that you order from that outfit in Miami, which we all agree aren’t worth a shit. I’ve cut off the elastic sheath that came with it and have the elastic band that buckles to the leg. I realize I’d have to be mindful that my pa is strappd to my leg and not make any drastically sudden movements. However, this method is very much like what is considered to be the history of the pa. Beau Brummel designed a ring to be sewn into Prince Albert’s pants so his large cock wouldn’t bobble around in the new fashion rage of tight, satin pants. Seems Queen Victoria didn’t want the courtesans to witness her wonderful play pretty:-) So what do you uys think?


Hi Glenn,

I’ve had a PA for about 7-8 years, and usually wear a 6 gauge (it’s the most comfortable size for me), although I sometimes wear a 4 gauge for fun.

I doubt that putting a constant pulling pressure or weights will do much to increase overall length (flaccid or erect) of your penis, but what it most certainly will do over time is increase the size of the piercing you’ll be able to wear. This may not be your goal, if you only want to get to a 6 gauge and then stop.

I use my bib hanger with the PA in place and it helps with my traction (otherwise, the bib wants to come off). I am cut, but have quite a bit of foreskin left, so slippage can be a problem.

How about posting pics of your PA? Great looking addition to a well-developed dick.



Thanks for the reply, Groan. You’re right, I do not want to increase the stretch of the stoma. A 6 gauge is as far as I want to go with my PA (or at least that’s my plan for the time being). I’ll keep the weights on for a while just to stretch to a 6 since I don’t want to stretch with a taper. I’ll probably drag out my Bib and see how that works, I’m cut (unfortunately) as well. I would have no problem posting photos if I knew how - I’m a bit of a techno fuck-up. Have a very old Mac Powerbook G3 and the software for my digital camera (which I’ve used twice) does not work. My son could probably teach me but I might have a bit of a problem asking him to teach me how to send pictures of my cock to a group of men:-) And “well developed” I ain’t. Probably have the smallest pecker on this site, both in length and girth. Some of our guys have starting stats far beyond what my goals could ever be.


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