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PE While in Europe

PE While in Europe

Hey guys, so my semester just ended and now me and 5 other people are going to Europe for about a month. I just realized that I have no idea how I’m going to keep up my PE while over there. I will always be around other people, other then in the shower, but even then we are going to be staying in youth hostels. I know I will be able to keep up with stretching, but Id really like to get in as much jelqing as possible. Do you guys have any ideas as to what I could do to keep up with my PE exercises? Also, dry jelqing never really seemed to work for me that well, Ive received all my gains from wet jelqing.

Yeah, that will be tough. Why don’t you just do the best you can, and otherwise take a break? It’s more important to enjoy being with your friends and traveling to cool places than to use up a bunch of time trying to do PE. My advice is for you to have a sweet time, and don’t sweat the PE.

As you mention, stretching shouldn’t be a problem; just do it in the shower. You could try to wet jelq some in the shower, or maybe in the toilet stall, but it will definitely arouse suspicion among your friends and other patrons of the hostels. Hostels, as you know, are not big on privacy! (They’ll probably just accuse you of masturbating, which may or may not bother you.)

Have an awesome time. I’ll be in Europe in the fall, and I can’t wait.

Slowly, but surely...

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You have been on a PE break all of your life. What’s one more month?

I went to Europe in December, most the hostels I stayed in had separate little stalls for the showers and I could have done some jelqing if I wanted. But like JetAtkins said I would just take a break and try to enjoy your trip, it will be a blast. If you think you aren’t cemented right now then just to the bare minimum to keep your current size. Stretches should suffice. Good luck on your trip. I wish I could go back right now.

Buy a vac extender.

Horny Bastard

Enjoy the trip, forget PE. Don’t forget to go to Amsterdam.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Originally Posted by Thatcat

Enjoy the trip, forget PE. Don’t forget to go to Amsterdam.

That’s good solid advice. I second it!

If you feel bad about not keeping up with PE, you could always wet jelq in the shower, that what I do at home anyways. I rub the shampoo into my hair until it gets foamy, and then I use that foam to wet jelq. When the shampoo is all foamy it wont irritate my skin when I jelq and its such an easy cleanup. Haha your friends may think you are masturbating in the shower if you stay in there too long though! Have fun.

Hmmmm, thats a month that you are not growing, its a long time. Just do stretching forget about jelqs unless you let everybody else go to sleep then go to the bathroom and jelq. Watch Eurotrip before you go, trust me its funny and it will gi some ideas as to what to do while in Europe, haha.

I agree with Thatcat and firegoat! Look at this as a decon break. Will probably be a very smart move.

Fuck PE, you will have better things to do, like enjoying yourself.

You’ll need an adapter for each country and convert all your measurements to metric.

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Originally Posted by concrete

Fuck PE, you will have better things to do, like enjoying yourself.

Sir, you’re under arrest.

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Go to the Redlight Distict and pay some hot honey to do some jelquing for you or you could just pay her to use the room. Wait what am I saying. Go buy and smoke some green and then pay some more money to find a women to jelq you and then ride your bike back to your hostel with a big hard-on, jump in the shower and stretch that beast. Rinse and repeat. This could be a rather expensive trip but what the hell it’s worth it.

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Originally Posted by kaan
Sir, you’re under arrest.

Oh goody:D

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