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PE while driving


You’ve got some serious explanation to do when you are pulled over by a cop. :)

Hence the quick disconnect. I.e., hooks.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Not a great idea to be fumbling around with shit out of view when a police officer approaches your vehicle.

Trying to hide a concealed weapon between his legs? :)

Originally Posted by a529612
Trying to hide a concealed weapon between his legs? :)

If a little kid can get a bullet in the chest while holding what is obviously a toy, plustwo can easily get taken out while fumbling with his hanger.

ThunderSS is right: count on nothing in any auto accident. I have a buddy who was a chauffeur and was hit, side-on, by a lady running a stop sign. The Bentley spun around, and his boss became 200 pounds of flab-covered-bony-projectile in the undivided passenger compartment.

I will watch the Twat\’s News forum for futher developments on this “hanging while driving” idea:
“Penis enlargement scheme backfires when man's penis is torn off in auto accident” is sure to be a popular thread…


Here’s one thread where we disgusted this before: PE in the Car??

As I said there, I fowfer and do simple one-handed stretches on long freeway drives. To deal with prying eyes, I bunch up my jacket and put it in between the front seats of my Subaru. The height of it shields my dick enough, and in the Northwest it’s not unusual to have a jacket in the front seat any time of year. When I come up alongside a higher vehicle I put both hands on the wheel.

Imagine you getting into a serious car accident and being in the hospital they have to end up taking your pants off. What would the doctors think.

I use to this, clamping while driving but I’m too embarrass if I was to end up being in a hospital.

Originally Posted by plustwo
2. Pumping. Not as passive, but effective nonetheless. Major disadvantage: could be visible from outside the vehicle.

Core? Imagine that? Your sitting in traffic and you ‘happen’ to take a look over your shoulder, and you see some guy pumping something in between his legs with his hands going up and down, up and down while he’s looking downwards.

SOLUTION! - You could get yourself some of those dark windows so people can’t see you inside!

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.


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