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Pe Weights vs. Autoextender

Pe Weights vs. Autoextender

I’m wondering about which option to go with. Should I get the Pe weights or the ADH from the guys over at autoextender? I’m fascinated with both and am wondering about the differences, as they are designed with a similar idea behind both. I’m also interested in the AE for use as a traction device for tunica stretch. I haven’t been able to manufacture a SO setup with my BIB so it’s going to be used for SO use mainly. I’d like to hear thoughts on this idea, I’m planning on stretching my Tunica using the AE (i’ve already decided to buy it I just have to put the money back) and want to ADS with either the PE weights or the ADH when it comes out, so which would be the better option?

I’m likely to get the AE regardless. The ADH and the Pe weights seem to be similar. Correct me if I am off base on that. I’m wondering which would be more beneficial, as it seems more weight with the pe weights, and the redesign of the ADH hasn’t been completed yet. I like the idea of having the weights a bit tighter in size as the ADH weights appear to be so it wouldn’t be as noticeable, but the weights don’t seem to be comparable in size to the PE weights. I’m kind of spinning my wheels on the topic, but I’m trying to get the most bang for my buck since I’m not going to be able to PE until in the evening and the focus will be girth at that point. It all really depends on my schedule, as it has yet to be decided I’m not sure what to really pursue so I’m trying to get opinions on the two ADS sytems here, but would also be interested to here from guys on the effectiveness of the Autoextender.

I was also curious about the wrap used with the Pe weights. I have a homedis wrist wrap that I bought last year. Do you take the magnets out to use for wrap or do they stay in?

If you spend your day mostly sitting down, the weights don’t do much.

Originally Posted by mravg
If you spend your day mostly sitting down, the weights don’t do much.

That’s not really true. Even if you do sit most of your day two things are going to be happening. First, every time you get up your going to have that tug which in a warm environment is going to extend what you have. Secondly, while sitting down you can’t get rid of the traction effect of the rings and the wrap that keep them on.

I’m up and down at my work and when I get up they are doing their work. There’s a kinetic issue with these weights. I’m convinced that the actual weight you experience is greater then the actual dead weight because of the gravity + movement combination. If you haven’t tried a set of these weights then you wouldn’t understand but if you have these guys on go up or down a set of stairs, you immediatly understand the principle. Add this stuff up all day every day and it makes for a lot of stretch. Natural low level stretch.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights


Newton’s Second Law.

Force = mass x acceleration or mass = force/acceleration.

We know the mass stays the same so as the acceleration increases, the force increases.

With the weight on the end, you penis can be thought of as a pendulum. Although not perfect, this is a useful model.

Here is an angular acceleration calculator:…lient=firefox-a

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Actually there will be no comparison between the two product as AutoADH will change quite a bit from current form. It will be less of a weight based, rather more of a strap based (could still use the weight). Get both, it will help you in the long run as you could choose depending on your mood.

On my arsenal (ones I use) - AutoEXT, ADH prototype, Redi-stretcher, BIB (occasionally), and a very good pump. This way I don’t have to stick to one device all the time. I think I’ll get PEweight too (more toys!).


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