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PE Throughout The Day

PE Throughout The Day

I’ve read on here that some newbs and vets do PE throughout the day, ie., dry jelqing and stretching whenever they go the bathroom at work, etc. I’ve always read on here the importance of warming up and down. It would be impossible to warm up and down at work each time.

Are they just risking more chance of injury? Once you’re conditioned is it okay to skip warmups?


It’s ok if you just do simple jelq/stretch during day time. I do about 10-20 jelq or 1-2 minute stretch whenever I pee.

Some people don’t do warm-up warm-down. A good warm-up not only reduce the risk of injury, but also soften the tissues. Warm-down helps a better blood flow after a workout, it’s good for penile health.

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Great, thanks.

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