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PE – the couse of curve or the method for straighten it up??


Not to screw up anyones theory but I have a curve to the left and I jerk with my left. Although I am right handed I just prefer using my left (she’s better looking I guess).

I was going to throw you guys some industrial accident crap about my right hand but that just wouldnt be cool- better story though.

I also have a curve to the left, and it was caused by 3-4 years of masturbating with my right hand, I did not had the curve before I started to masturbate. My right CC is bigger than my left one, my dick points to 11 o`clock. I did not know why this happened because it seems that when I grab my dick with my right hand the pressure is even, pressure from the inside of my palm, and pressure from my fingers. But now if I look carefully I see clearly that THE INSIDE OF MY RIGHT HAND PALM IS LIKE THIS ) so, that is the aproximate shape that my dick took, to the left.

I agree with woody. I also use the left hand but am right handed. I am pretty content with my size but would much rather fix the curvature. Seems most of the men here have a bend to the left.

I am a 22 yr old newbiem just starting out PE. My dick has a left curve, that due to some whiteys that my dad brought me when I was young. I used to have to always adjust myself towards the left, because the fly would always open up whenever I least expected it. Anway, over the years I began to grow a curve towards the left, which is in both flaccid and erect state. More noticeable when erect.

Not to boast, but I measure up 7.5 erect and so far every girl I have been with say that they are happy, and met other girls, but aside from jelqing, anything else to get a little more inches or girth?

I was bent to the left before PE.. I am now getting more and more straight..

I use a extender and also do som minor jelqing.. I think the extender really helps straightening out.

Causes of curves

I respectfully suggest that theories that masturbation style or brand or size of underpants caused a curvature to the penis are probably incorrect. Possibly correct, but probably not.

I say this for a two reasons:

1) most (all?) boys masturbate in ways that are similar, but only a few have curved penises. If a certain technique caused it, then there would be more men with a bent penis. There are not limitless ways to masturbate. You can grab it, or turn your hand over and grab it, and so on. No technique seems to pose a greater stress to the penis.

2) most boys wear underpants, and sometimes they are small - but, again, most boys do not get bent penises.

So why would that be the case?

First, biologic variation, also known as “congenital curvature” is one reason. You were born that way. If one looks carefully at the face and compares left versus right side, you will see small variations - same with the penis. Sometimes, it is more severe, and represents an abnormal development. Again, “abnormal” is usually defined by function - if one cannot have intercourse, then one has an “abnormality”.

The second reason for a bend is an injury and (usually) an abnormal healing from the injury. Most injuries are felt to be minor, but the response is not small, and excessive scar tissue forms. This then becomes like putting a piece of tape on a balloon before blowing it up - it leads to a bend as the scar does not stretch out as well. This process is called “Peyronie’s Disease”. I personally know (via the web) men who have developed this using jelqing techniques too vigorously (or, they used it properly and were unlucky enough that their penis responded to is as an injury), and from the VED. The VED case was associated with extremely high vacuum pressures by a poorly educated user and was written up in the medical literature.

So, having personally developed a curve as a result of an injury, and having spent years figuring out what helps and what hurts me (and usually others), I would recommend that anyone who gets a curve in the course of doing PE *stop doing it* (ie give it a rest) and get help from those who have Peyronie’s Disease. If one fails to do this, they run the very real risk of the bend getting worse (and permanent), and developing associated ED.

Just my two cents worth..


So those that had a curve from the start need not to worry, is that what you are saying?

And for those that need to worry (i.e. develop a curve during the course of PE) - what do you recommend, more than *stop doing it*?

regards, mgus

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Hi Mgus

Well, I do tend to ramble on in print, so when I said *stop doing it*, I added “(I.e. Give it a rest) and get help from those who have Peyronie’s Disease.” I did that mostly because I wanted to stop and post there. And I wanted to focus on someone “getting help” not providing it myself tonight.

I also said that because what to do next is complicated and depends on a lot of factors. It’s late and I am headed to bed, but in brief, urologists do not get it about penile injury or Peyronie’s Disease - often. They will recommend taking vitamin E and coming back in a year. In the meantime, a small scar may grow and turn a slight bend into a 90 degree kink.

There are a few things that usually help to a degree. 1) A VED protocol that is different than PE protocols, using slightly smaller (than your hard erection) diameter cylinders to exert a pure longitudinal pull on the penis, 2) traction using a slow moderate pull - no swinging weights here. 3) broad spectrum vitamin E for better anti-inflammatory effects, 4) search for co-morbidities like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, 5) strong consideration of dietary changes to reduce glycation processes that may be triggering excessive transforming growth factor (TGF) Beta1 activity, 6) consider use of a TGF inhibitor like pentox (Pentoxifylline - brand name of Trental) or perhaps perfinidone (not yet tested for Peyronie’s disease), 7) promotion of nitric oxide processes using viagra of similar PDE5 inhibitors, along with precursor of L-arginine (perhaps better if taken with L-norvaline to prevent arginase activity which shunts arginine to proline and collagen metabolism under conditions of inflammation)(available in SAN Vasoflo), 8) strong consideration of taking acetyl L-carnitine which has been reported to reduce curvature after injury, 9) search for other related problems like low testosterone levels which may promote fibrosis, and which are treatable.

There is a lot to do, which usually means (and it does here) that no one way works perfectly. Hope that brief overview helps.


Timothy, excellent posts.

I would give my 0.002 cents here, simplifying a little your advices: an extender (preferably not a loose-style one) could help straighten the penis. But we have to think in terms of hundreds or thousands of hours of use, here.

Another point is: what’s the degree of the curve? Peyronie disease relates to degree of curves that cause pain or in anyway impossibility of normal intercourse. A light degree of curve is normal, and many women found it pleasurable.

There was (finally) a medical publication endorsing use of the Traction device (Fastsize) by a urologist, for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease (Google “traction” “Levine” and “Peyronie’s” to find it). It helped men with Peyronie’s.

I know of no clinical trial for congenital curve, and you’re right, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. OTOH, if you are in the process of breaking it, stop, because it may be hard to fix. That was my main point.


My penis curves to the left slightly but it’s been that way as long as I can remember so it doesn’t bother me, the only time I’d get worried is if it caused painful erections or effected sex. I’ve read that extender devices can help with curved penises but after quite a long time of use.

I tried mailing to the best extender device companies, but none seem to have a real proof. Many of these companies claim 70 - 99% reduction in the curve, but when you ask them for testimonials they say we don’t have them yet.

Thundersplace videos do have a video on cheap home made ADS( All Day Stretch Video ).

I think modifying the ADS to stretch the penis in opposite direction of the curve might be helpful. What do the seniors think about it ?

Trying to get rid of a 30 degree left curve

Looks like an effective ADS, against the curve : My pics and progress


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