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PE T-Shirts

PE T-Shirts

Has anyone ever thought of making PE T-Shirts. I thought it would be kind of funny if someone made them (unless they are already out there). A few examples would be (and can be altered, these are just off the top of my head).

PE: Giving the phrase “Hang 10” another meaning
Have you done your PE today?
Got Theraband? (or something else related to PE)

Anyways, you guys get the idea :)

Do a search, thunder already has a T shirt you can get it through TPS if he has any left, I do like your ideas though “Hang 10” is very good. I would want a T-shirt that only a fellow p-er would get

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7

I would want a T-shirt that only a fellow p-er would get

How about “Jelq Powered”?

I toughed that I would make a t-shirt where is this: 8x6”
When I get there :)

Or this:
Hanging with 13

Going for 9

This would be nice:
8x6 going for 9

People who don’t do PE would have no idea what it means :)

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Largish type over left chest: XXL

Underneath in smaller type: or bust!
Or: Sponsored by Trojans [or your favorite brand]
Or: or die trying!
Or: and you?
Or: make it happen!

The variations are endless.

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How about a reference to the community instead of just PE.

I.e. Thunders
Or Thunders Growth
Or Thunders Powered, etc

No one, apart from the PE community, would have any idea what it means.

Where is ThunderSS on this one.

From what I understand about the T-shirt ordeal a while back, if this thread goes on much longer Thunder will make it disappear and ban all the participants. :)

Just upload an image to zazzle and make the design public. Then anyone can by the tshirt, coffe-mug, mouse-pad, etc. If I remember correctly you may even make money off of each sale.

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