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pe location

pe location

Having become addicted to pe, I was just wondering what are some (strange) places others have done their exercises? I read about one guy doing them while hunting.

well he has me beat, I have done them in my backyard and that is as weird as it gets for me.

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How did you do them in the back yard?

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Either my room or the bathroom, with the doors LOCKED and the blinds pulled down. I take no chances, almost got caught once.

If ADS counts I have done PE while shopping…


For me it would be in the theatre. Loose baggy shorts made stretching very easy. Very dark and was totally unnoticed. Sure beat being bored during a 2 hr and 15 min movie.

I don’t think this classifies as weird, but the steam room at my gym, which only holds five, is an excellent place for jelqing. There’s never anyone in there at 5am when the gym opens, and I think the steam is good for warming up. I can get half an hour of jelqing done before I work out. I just need to make sure I’m not showing too big when I go back to the lockers.

Like SS4Jelq, I myself have worn ADS while at work, which isn’t really that weird, I guess.

I have also PE’ed while the old lady had company over, her cousin, who I have flirted around with on occasion. Nothing serious with her though…..yet. :)

But, as for the most abnormal situation for PE’ing, I have PE’ed in my backyard suntanning in the nude, actually, on quite a few occasions, too! The hot sun really keeps me loose and pliable, and besides that, it feels nice and warm continuously.

And this is where I fantasize about the old lady’s cousin coming into the backyard and seeing my naked, with some candy especially for her. I then feign being surprised and shocked. I then stand up, looking to cover myself. I then look around for something very slowly that would cover myself, but can’t….she comes over….she drops to her knees…..she…..:D

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Everywhere I go…. :D


Man, I caught myself stretching while playing basketball the other day. I kept tugging on my dick through my shorts while we were playing. I had to tell myself to knock it off. Didn’t want to get caught.

Other than that, just bathrooms, tanning beds and in my room. Tugs in public bathrooms all the time. Sometimes jacuzzi.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

I live in a somewhat rural area so i can get in a good 30 min stretch a couple times a day while driving to and from work. Makes the trip more enjoyable!

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