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PE It's working but.....

PE It's working but.....

Hi all,

My first post, I have been waiting until I could find an interesting subject that may not have been covered much before. I have been at this on and off now for a few months and the results are not dramatic but definetly been a worth while project. My wife noticed the difference and asked what was going on when I was in the shower after the first month so I confessed and she laughed and encouraged me to keep going.

Now for my subject, my wife and I have been together for more that 14 years and we have no previous experience after meeting young. During our time we have enjoyed a healthy sex life with reasonable results (good hit rate) in term of her full enjoyment if you know what I mean. You may not believe this but since PEing, we both agree that I am larger and she is really enjoying the experience, problem is I am so pleased and obsessed with my new found tool that I am not focusing on her and hence our hit rate has fallen….I seem more interested in cucking the new tool around in there and less interested in the finer details that bring on the best results for her.

I know it’s not much of a first post but hopefully you may get a smile from this and encouraged to keep working on your project.

Thanks for a great site Thunder.

I’ll have to admit, now that I can make her cum with just getting there with a bigger tool and lasting long enough I have gotten a little lazy in the “keeping it varied and interesting category”. but since I am ringing her bell every time more intense than in the past I have no complaints. Your post reminded me to try to vary it a little more, thanks. How much have you gained?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Welcome aboard!!

Hey skeptdick,

Welcome aboard! Thanks for the thanks.

It seems you know what the “problem” is and it also sounds like you know what the “answer” is. So why not just make an effort to correct it? You don’t want to hear her say “You’re spending more time/effort on your dick than you are on me”, do you?:D

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In term of results I’d say I would have gained 1 cm in BPEL, very rough as it depends the erection, sometimes there are very hard and surprising other times not so. But the real gain has been the glans. My glans was always not very defined, however after working hard on what I think is called squeezes or ulis the difference is pronounced. The girth I haven’t measured but I would say 1 cm as well, so all up for a 4 months (on and off) work the results seem to be there.

There is the mental factor as well, I think I’m getting a larger fellow and my wife thinks so as well and that counts for something in my book….I have asked her if it’s in our minds and she is adamant there have been phsical changes that she feels.


Let me tell you. She KNOWS its not in her mind, especially if she was perceptive enough to lead her to ask you point blank. I haven’t told my wife.

I know its bigger from the ruler. But if I doubted, I have noted a definite change in attitude in my wife about sex that would reassure me. She has gone from being “willing most of the time” to “very willing all of the time”.

I don’t know if my wife knows its my dick that is bigger or if she has convinced herself that I have always been that size but somehow am now able to hit more good spots than before due to experience.

It doesn’t matter to me, I’m more than happy to have her believe that I have had a 7.5 incher since the day we were married.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

good point

Hi Skeptdick,

I think I’m kind of like Luvdadus. I used to be a little more creative and now I’m a little lazy! My companion is getting off great, but I don’t need to forgot my most important sex organ, my brain. Thanks for reminding us. Also, I think perception is just as important as actually growing. That can probably give you a 1/2” or 1” by itself. And if her thinking it’s bigger gives her more pleasure, isn’t that as good as actually increasing? Just a point to ponder. Take it easy.

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