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PE is not a science . but has the potential.


Thanks remek. I have read many of your threads and posts and had the impression that you are trying a ‘scientific approach’ with your personal pe-efforts.

Regarding your question: you probably know that the medical community is divided in school medicine (more scientifically oriented) and alternative medicine (mostly not scientifically proven methods such as homeopathy).

Professionally, I am a school medicine person, simply because I am mostly concerned with diagnostic procedures. By contrast pe - if at all - would be considered an ‘alternative method’. The representatives of the two schools are not really good friends :) .

Later - ttt

The public still believe that P.E does not work although a lot of people are too lazy or busy to give time to do the PE excises.

If PE was a science then all measurements would be metric for this being the way science works.

All should be aware that “scientific” articles regarding PE which speak in inches only are not so very scientific for they are obviously aimed at the consumer not the scientific community. And you can bet there is a reason behind this.

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