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PE in the Shower, Bad Idea?

PE in the Shower, Bad Idea?

Does anyone do any form of PE in the shower? For us guys who are on the go I’d think it would be nice to incorporate it into our shower time. It saves us from using a hot wrap and any lube (if you like wet Jelqs). Anyone do this, or does anyone advise against this? I am starting up a routine again, and I thought this might work out.


PS: All you guys who read this and have made .5-.75 girth gains, leave the girth portion of your routine!

Hey hopesfall,

I PE in the shower. Seems to be working well for me. I get the water pretty hot and do the “cleaning” part while I warm up for the PE part of my shower. I know others say it’s not the best idea, but I am seeing good progress with it I think.


Just stay away from soap when jelqing, use proper lube.

Pe in the Shower is great because the nice stream of hot water, the warmed air from the shower, along with no snooping or bothering from the wife. :leftie:

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I do some of my PE in the shower as well, wet jelqs mostly.

A variation of jelqs, manual clamping and ULIs gave me a gain of .5” -.75” girth gain over a 6 month period. I don’t stick to specific routine, I don’t time myself either, I do PE when I have time. I do only manual exercises, like stretching, jelqs, kegel, ULIs, etc…


I do jelqs and stretching outside the shower, while I do edging and squeezes inside the shower.

I’ve been PEing in the shower since I started almost a year ago. I read here a lot of times to not use soap when you are doing wetjelqs but also I read about a guy (a 2yr old thread I think) who used Dove and worked great for him, I also use it so what the hell

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Well, I’m doing after shower my strerchs & jelqs, obviously I use vaseline as lube. Doing it in time of shower avoid my wife look at what I’m doing?

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Yeah, I also do it in the shower. I guess it works.

I have been PE’ing in the shower for some weeks now, but my Bib hanger is starting to rust. Any suggestions?


Why would you hang in the shower, you have the rest of the day to do so. PE in the shower is mostly to do manual exercises because of the warm environment

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GOAL: 20x14 - Big enough to make that ass cry for mercy!

Thanks, Thunder! I’ll e-mail Bigger right now and see if he can send me the upgrade kit. :leftie:


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