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PE has caused erection problems


I have been very concerned with this aspect of PE also, being one of the people who never had a single incidence of ED, then had an episode about 2 or 3 months into PE. It definitely needs to be addressed. Thunder has asked for volunteers, so I plan on trying to at least get a start on the ED/PE connection. Hopefully this weekend. I don’t really know how yet. My own thoughts, subject to change without warning, is that it is likely a combination of both physical and psychological. I think by forcing the blood around via jelqing, or just the stress of growing via jelqing or stretching or hanging (although in my mind I don’t associate it with hanging, just jelqing and stretching. One of the things that need to be established) that perhaps the penis get’s to a point where it just needs to “rest”, or recover, or whatever. Maybe it’s just the shock of being worked for the first time in it’s life. Maybe there’s a lag time before your body compensates for the extra size by pumping extra blood through it. So, being in that state, one day it just doesn’t perform. It takes a break. A purely physical thing. Just like teenagers start sleeping all the time when they’re going through a growth spurt. Sometimes your body just needs rest, and will take it whether you want to or not. I think it is probably a temporary thing. But - when it comes to good ole Willy, even ONE episode of non-functioning, limp penis is enough to stick in your mind for good. So then the next time, even if it has recovered, you’re so damn worried that you won’t get it up, that BINGO, a self-fulfilling prophecy - no erection for you! I think from that point on it becomes psychological. Classic Performance Anxiety. It is very, very, very hard not to think (worry) about if you’ll lose your erection, once it’s happened before. A vicious cycle. Or else, it’s due to just being so focused and aware of your size (or perceived lack of - let’s face it, there’s not a man here who is deep down content with his penis size, whether he starts with 4” or 9”, or else he wouldn’t BE here), that you let the genie out of the bottle, so to speak. Feelings of doubt and inadequacy. Although I am very convinced it starts as a physical reaction to PE. What triggers it in some men and not in others is a subject of great interest and study.

Happy endings and new beginnings

Actually, I wasn’t 100% certain that PE caused my ED. I caught myself thinking about it way too much, and the more I thought about it, the worse it got. I also noticed myself tensing up, so I couldn’t even relax. It got to the point where I dreaded having sex. I couldn’t even enjoy it because all I thought about was trying to get hard. So, I knew that some of it could be psychological.

And now I know that it was ALL psychological. Like I stated in my other post (Luvdadus posted the link above), I took two months off from PE and lurking around this board to clear my head of everything. I eventually gained my confidence back, and I had a chance to start PE again. I came back into it slowly and being very cautious. I only jelqed the first two and half weeks for 10 minutes. Then I started some light stretching exercises. I’m now into week five of PE, and my dick has never been better. I even gained 1/8” nbp in length for the first month, and that was just with light exercises! :)

My erections are now diamond-cutters. I contribute this to two things:

1. Kegels – I started doing kegels when I began my second adventure into PE. I’ve been having harder and more frequent erections. Of course, it could be in my head, but something’s going on down there!

2. I took the time out to relax and concentrate all of the feelings I get when I’m having sex. Focusing on the sensations helps tremendously. Once I got the whole ED thing out of my head, and I focused on my own wonderful sensations, just looking at my girlfriend got me going.

If you have a girlfriend, instead of focusing on sex, just focus on touching or oral because thinking about getting hard for sex is going to kill that woody. Once you become confident with that, move on to the sex stuff.

I even talked to my doctor about it. I went to see him, and he gave me some Viagra. But after I talked to him, I didn’t even need the Viagra anymore. Just knowing that there was nothing wrong with me was enough to help me out. I still had the occasional ED, but ONLY because I thought about getting hard.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions, so ask away! :)

As for me now, I back to PE and enjoying every bit of it. And sex.

Alright, maybe when I said I was 100% certain my problems were a result of PE I might have been pushing it. However, I still firmly believe, and of course I could be wrong, but I think that my first onset of my ED was a result of PE. Like daomun says, after this, it could have turned into a psychological problem. But I think PE, at least initially, caused it. In addition, I think as long as there is any doubt as to the saftey of a technique it should be thoroughly discussed, and not dismissed so quickly.

For luvdadus:
As a doctor, what are the reasons behind your adimate belief that PE cant cause ED? I mean these are unusual and untested stresses we are putting on a sensitive area of the body. I would assume that with something like this there is always the possibility of damage. Like I said I dont know if PE can permanently damage the penis, but I certainly dont see why it isn’t a viable possibility.



>>For luvdadus:
As a doctor, what are the reasons behind your adimate belief that PE cant cause ED? I mean these are unusual and untested stresses we are putting on a sensitive area of the body. I would assume that with something like this there is always the possibility of damage. Like I said I dont know if PE can permanently damage the penis, but I certainly dont see why it isn’t a viable possibility.>>

I don’t think I said that PE can’t cause ED. I said that the likelihood (if no injury is present) that the real reason would be PA. Yes I think it is possible to rip something down there and cause a physical problem, however I think that if this were the case one would have NO DOUBT about the fact of injuring himself.

Now I got into PE not because I was looking for a bigger dick. I tried the exercises because jelqing was suggested as a possible treatment for ED. I had gotten myself some viagra to treat my less firm erections, but wanted not to have to take pills. 8 months later I can get diamond cutter erections 1 or 2 hours post workout. And a dick that is 1 5/8” longer and 1/2” bigger around to boot!!! I’ll be 44 in a couple weeks.

When one begins a program you need to know first off that a workout fatigues the erectile tissues completly - untill they are properly conditioned. In the beginning I would get temporary worsening of my ED for 4-6 hours post workout. If you are not used to running, your first 3 mile jog will leave your legs not wanting to do any more for a time untill they are recovered. So untill your dick is used to it you should try to avoid having to “perform” for several hours (varies person by person). If you are in otherwise good health the general rule of thumb is that if the individual is over 40 to presume some degree of organic ED. If the individual is less than 40 the probability of organic (non psychologic) ED is much less.

Here I think is a very likely scenario that can play out very often resulting in threads like this one:
1) Newbie gets excited about the prospect of getting a bigger dick
2) He begins to do the workout and does too much and has a minor injury (like some “pins and needles” or a little blood from the urethra or bruising).
3) He begins to worry that he’s fucked for life by doing something “stupid” because “we all know that penis enlargement is not possible short of surgery and size doesn’t matter anyway” (the current pop culture and medical orthodoxy on the subject).
4) Attempt at sex while he is stressed results in a less than optimum erection.
5) Now he is absolutly certain that PE is not only not effective but will only render one impotent.

Bogava, take some time off. when you start up again use the newbie routine don’t get fancy for a good 3-4 months.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I think the key change regarding PE and ED for you is the fact that when you came back to it you are now doing LIGHT exercises. Also, it’s the second time around, so even after a few months off, I think your penis has some conditioning behind it. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the PE/ED connection for your first episode. I don’t know if PE caused it, but it still sounds like it did to me. Believe me, I’m not trying to scare people off of PE, I’ve been doing it for two years, and I would like to keep doing it for the rest of my life. I am a firm believer in it. That’s why I’m so interested/concerned, because it has come up often enough that it seems like way more than a coincidence, and if there are ways to avoid it we should figure that out. Who needs the millstone of impotence tied around the neck of PE. I can’t think of worse PR. I think there is a connection, probably similar to what Luvdadus stated. I think it is connected to penile fatigue resulting in lower erectile performance. Just like sore muscles after a good workout. I don’t plan on doing 8 hours of hard manual labor after a really intense weight-lifting session. Because I know, from experience, my muscles will be very sore, and I’ll temporarily be weaker, before I get stronger. And I will get stronger. And bigger muscles. If I follow known routines and guidelines. Including rest periods. The same goes for PE/ED. Which is acceptable to me. As long as I KNOW ahead of time that that is likely to happen, I can avoid the situation that will result in the (temporary) physical ED, which then snowballs into the psychological ED. Which can be a bear to beat. It would be nice to know a few things. Like is it a sure thing. Can it be avoided by keeping below a certain level of exercise. Or by avoiding certain exercises. Completely, or for just the first 3 months. Is it something that will always be there after intense workouts, or after substantial gains. And therefore, can be anticipated, and your sexual routine altered to allow for it. Etc. And what if it is real, and permanent? We need to discover that just as much as anything. Would you want your 18 year old son taking it up if it was? My gut feeling is that it is real. It is caused by PE. It is temporary. It is a normal reaction to workouts. It is caused by only some of the exercises (why, I don’t know. And I think only a medical study could tell us that). And it probably can be avoided completely by following a strict work-out regimen/program. With explicit, specific exercises, with detailed instructions, complete with reps, number of sets, time for rest between sets, rest periods between work-outs, progressive routines that build on previous work, which exercises to incorporate, and WHEN, nutrition and diet, supplements, etc. Pretty much like weight lifting or martial arts programs. Just my 2 cents.

Actually, after two weeks of light jelqing, I started adding more intensity. I’m jelqing at 80% for about 15-20 minutes, with an intensity level that I feel is best for me. Currently, I’m not doing light exercises…but I’m also not doing anything advanced, or with enough intensity to cause damage. The key is listening to your dick.

Basically, I’m doing the same routine I did my first time around except now, I’m doing kegels. Plus, I do my workouts in the morning instead of night. During my first time around, I was able to get an erection during foreplay, but it went away right before sex. Once that happened, it stayed with me causing anxiety. That’s why I think it was all in my head.


Any return bouts with this or did you kick it?

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For the most part, I kicked it. Although I would every once in a blue moon have some trouble (at first, then after a few minutes, he’d pop right up), but only because I wasn’t relaxed or I thought about getting hard too much. I’ve learned to relax and go with the flow of things, and that’s the key.


I find I go in cycles, it may be hormonal. For a few weeks I can go several times a day then for a week or two I’m not interested. For a few weeks I’m pretty mellow then for a week I’m pissed off and snap easily. Psychology, diet, stress, hormones - all this stuff contributes.

Thanks for the update SuperStroker.

After I started PEing I noticed this, however I believe it’s a big case of Performance Anxiety, and the fact that i think about “what if” of having sex with a particular girl DURING sex. This thread i think will help me to relax about it being PE related.

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I’m not at all sure that it is “performance anxiety”. I have experienced the same phenomenon i.e. an inability to become erect after a week or more of intense P.E. . Lately though I have limited my P.E. to pumping and jelking a la Avocet.10 minutes in tube at low pressure followed by 100 jelks repeated for a total of 500 jelks about 5 times per week. No problem with this regimen at all and a significant increase ( from 4.5 to 7.25 in girth in 2.5yrs.

About penis growth drugs: Some of these ” growth” drugs cost 30 to 60 dollars per month. If you go to Walmarts and look for a “mens formula ” multivitamin ( in a blue box with a guy in a bike helmet on the label) The penis additives are exactly the same as the high priced stuff and it will cost you 7.00 and change per month. And , as a physician, I can tell you those do help- some.


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