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PE GLOSSARY AND FAQ -- Finally Updated!!

PE GLOSSARY AND FAQ -- Finally Updated!!

Well folks, it’s finally here! The Glossary and FAQ page has recieved a long-awaited and much needed update. The location has moved to the same server as Thunder’s Place Forums.


I had really let the page go, and I sincerely apologize. I got pretty busy and really put off working on the Glossary site for a while, but a couple of weeks ago I got a notice from geocities saying the site had too much traffic and I either had to pay or be shut down.

ThunderSS has been very gracious in agreeing to let me copy the page to his server; and he and lil12big1 have done the vast majority of the refresh and repair work on it so far. They have put a lot of time into this and they deserve all of the credit for making a good page much better. There are still things that need to be and will be added soon, but all the links are fixed and the page has a new look.

We want to hear your suggestions and feedback. If there is anything that you think needs to be outlined on the page, or if you have any suggested additions or changes, this is the time to make them. It doesn’t have to be about specific exercises or routines, it can be any important, relavent PE issue (ie injuries, a run-down of supplements, etc.).


Remember, the page really belongs to all of us, and it is intended to benefit the entire PE community.

Anything useful that you guys can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to Thunder and lil1 for making this happen!! :)



Just wanted to say


short term goal:: 5.5" long term goal:: 6"


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