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PE Frustrations, false measurements and injuries

PE Frustrations, false measurements and injuries

Sigh…I’m not having the greatest PE week. First of all, I spotted two medium sized bumps on my dick lately. I remember Dino posting something about that, but I continued. The bumps worsened. Then I spotted a more flexible ruler at home I honestly didn’t know existed. So out of curiosity, I measured myself with it and I realized my girth measurement was once again wrong. I said I started at 5.25 in EG only to later think it was 6 in. Now, it’s 5.5, but my dick feels no different than it did at the start, so it’s the measurements that were wrong. My length’s unchanged. It’s still 7.5 NBPEL A bit of a disappointment, but it won’t stop me from PEing. However, the bumps worsened and my crotch started feeling unusually sore overtime. It usually goes away after a rest day, but it’s getting gradually worse. I could contribute that to a few things.

1) I hadn’t hot wrapped consistently. More often than not, I have to stealth PE and hot wrap often gets omitted after routines. Guess that’s biting me in the ass now.

2) Clamping too early. Dino said his injury was from clamping, but I’m not sure if that’s my reason as well. I never exceeded my clamping sessions past 10 minutes after Dino’s warning, but beforehand, it never went past 15. I don’t think that’s too much, although I admitted I started clamping a month after I began PEing.

3) Routine too intense. My current routine is below (starting date October 1st, 2005)

5 min hot wrap
20 min stretching
400 jelq strokes (takes me 40 minutes; a bit less if I’m not interrupted, which is a rarity)
three 3 min portions of the veinage technique (basically clamping with your hand to make your veins pop out)
10 minutes clamping
5 minutes hot wrap

2 days on / 1 day off

I started working this week and will continue for three more weeks, so I was more exhausted after the days ended. Then I found out I’m going out of town this weekend to relatives’ houses. Since me and 4 other family members are going out of town to a fairly small house with two other relatives, that basically means no PE. So I decided to take an extended break (originally I wanted to end my weekend break on Monday, but the bumps didn’t quite go away yet) and start PEing on either Sunday or Monday, whichever’s more convenient to start again.

Any advice you want to give towards my routine or anyting I’m doing wrong?

Get ready for a few posts on clamping too early! I can smell them! One month is way too early, If I ever clamp, and that’s a BIG if, I wouldn’t even think of considering it for a year at least!

Don’t worry, my PE week has been a fucking disaster! Found my motivation has shifted a little, and just then that my LOT is somewhere pretty low! But take the break and throw in the clamping is my hot tip!


I forgot to mention a few things…

Let me clarify about my crotch being sore. It’s the area behind the base of my dick (where much of the pubic hair is). It’s probably sore from stretching if anything. My dick hardly feels overly sore. I might not clamp again until probably a few weeks from now and I previously PE’d before finding thunders, so I thought my dick was already a bit conditioned to begin with.

I can see why you don’t want to clamp. I thought I wasn’t either, but I tried it once and I liked it. I kept clamping ever since. I’m more nervous about hanging though. I’m more interested in length than girth gains, and the biggest length gainers have hung, so I’m definitely not rushing that, considering the downsides could leave you sterile. I won’t consider it until at least 4 months in, but realistically, I might not be able to until the summer because I might need more privacy and my dorm room doesn’t have that.

dowman I’ve upped my routine, after 4 or 5 months, to now include hanging and clamping and I sense (though no noticeable gains yet) that this is the way to go for me. After spending months building up my arms doing manual stretches (which I still do) I just find the duration of hanging will work better. I know through long experience in martial arts that flexibility comes through constant, static stretching and I know we’re talking dicks here and not hips, arms and legs, I still think there’s a similarity.

Your soreness at the base of your dick is what I get too but I don’t get too concerned. It’s more of a friction type of thing on the skin and if I have a day or two off it dissipates.

And I, like you, like clamping and I’m sure my flaccid is getting a bit “meatier” as a result. One just has to make sure we don’t go a bit silly with it.

And d_sut I told you before….get the vegemite out! Guaranteed to up your motivation!

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