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PE for those who are uncircumsized... Stretching?

PE for those who are uncircumsized... Stretching?

I’m thinking about restoring my foreskin. Would I still be able to stretch with A-stretches (using baby powder for grip) and all other PE exercises once I have regrown a foreskin to cover my glans? I don’t want the baby powder to damage the mucus membrane…

Any ideas?

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It shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve stretched with my foreskin over my glans, and I’ve stretched with the skin pulled back. Whatever preference works for you.

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When I hang I find that it works best for me to pull the foreskin all the way back and than wrap, this of course is contrary to what uncircumcised people usually say on this site.

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Hey thanks guys for responding. To be honest, I am most concerned with using baby powder for gripping during A-stretches. Granted now I am fine with my calloused glans (feels like a dry handle), but once I become “wet again” or whatever the term is- I am worried about any issues with baby powder irritation.

Do any of you guys use baby powder and have experienced irritation/problems gripping?

I stretch after a shower and have patted my dick dry so it remains soft and heated from the shower. I’m guessing that showering would clean off any residue that has built up even with a foreskin- am I right?

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No problems with baby powder. You can use it in the shower. It won’t damage anything.

You’ll be fine. Should the baby powder cause any problems you can always use toilet paper which works just as well.

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Originally Posted by YGuy
I’ve stretched with my foreskin over my glans.

Huh? How in the name of good god Priapus did you manage to not get just skin stretch?? :eek:

I’m uncircumsized and I have never had any problems stretching with baby powder, nor have I ever find a method of PE that wouldn’t work because of my foreskin. Hanging is something that you have to work a little more with to get it working, but from what I’ve heard, it’s still worth it.

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Originally Posted by base
Huh? How in the name of good god Priapus did you manage to not get just skin stretch?? :eek:

Skin stretches easily and I have the stretch marks on my dick to prove it lol. From the base to midshaft, my penis has the look as if its all been pulled out from the inside. Also I would give myself some skin slack before tightening the grip while stretching.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

I pull my foreskin back when doing any sort of clamp as I find the little devil sqeezes though the foreskin and retreatsout of the device.


If you are afraid to use baby powder, try using disposable latex gloves. I find I get a far superior grip whether I retract the foreskin or not.

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