PE Factors.

A thread to post PE factors. No need to number them.
Just post them short and with a brief motivation.

1. Genetics: 1. Elastin VS Collagen in penile tissue.
2. Level of adhesion molecules on connective tissue (Tight junctions,
adherence junctions, intermediate junctions, hemidesmosomes etc.)
3. Growth factors stimulating proliferation. Which ones are needed? Good question!
4. Cardiological. Good blood flow etc. Providing rest.
5. Much or little “inner penis”, low or high lot? Starting stats?

2. Workouts: 1. Right kind of training intensity and duration. —> (Elastin VS Collagen breaking down).
2. Right amount of rest days. And how to rest. In a ADS? In cock ring? What tension gives best results?
3. Aerobic workouts. Increasing circulation, lowering LDL values.
4. Anaerobic workouts. Boost in testosterone if kept short.
5. De-condition breaks. —-> down regulation of adhesion molecules. Less collagen?
6. Shocking and going beyond maximum length/girth…

3. Nutrition: 1. What food is best for penile growth? What if you eat just normal, obsessive, anorectics or lots of supplements?
2. When should we eat to optimise penile growth. After or before workout?
3. Vitamin C. Needed to create collagen. Good or bad? Scar tissue?
4. Water intake.

4. Others: 1. Sleep and amount of REM? You get less and less REM sleep with age. A person in his 70s has almost none!
2. Much, little or normal (6-8h) sleep time. Much is good for recreation. Little increases cortisol and other stress hormones…
3. Warmth: 112 Fahrenheit, 40 Celsius… To denaturate proteins. Cooling in elongated state?

5. Dedication: Most important of course! Otherwise none of above will count!
1. Thought of this: Strong believe —-> Placebo effect resulting in gains?
2. Having fun etc.

Can you please post MORE FACTORS and maybe we can come up
with a good assemble! Creating sub categories to above mentioned
categories. More categories etc.

If everyone comes up with one or two it could be good.

This makes it possible to have a good index over all factors. Could be good
to have all assembled in one thread… Keep posting!


Restarting everything.