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PE Documentary - What do you think

PE Documentary - What do you think

I have what many might consider a rather unusual request. But before I make it let me give you a bit of background information about myself.

My background
I am a 52 year old straight male, a widower, with two wonderful, grown children who live on their own (thank goodness.) Over a 24 month period I’ve had the opportunity to date 50 women (yes, really), mostly blind dates. I even had the opportunity to sleep with some of them, several more than once. All was well and good until the last one. When we got into bed, actually the couch, she made a comment something along the lines of “Oh, you’re kind of small.” Ouch!

Actually, up until that point I never had any complaints and, at 5.8” long and about 4.8” in circumference, I had always considered myself pretty much dead-on average. I wonder who she was seeing. (Actually, I must admit that in a totally flaccid state I sometimes have a hard time finding that sucker, I think it’s called turtling, and I seem to excel at it. Damn!) You would think that at my age her comment wouldn’t mean anything, but it did.

Her comment played on my mind for a while until I finally decided to see if there was anything I could do about it, you know, my size. After a bit of exploring I stumbled upon several websites related to PE, including this one. Hope was in the air.

My Jump Into the World of PE
I eagerly read many of the posts and was heartened to read that some guys are claiming that they have achieved some truly wonderful results following the advice posted here and elsewhere. And this advice appears to be coming from people who don’t really seem to have anything to gain, such as by selling me a product.

In September I started a regimen of warm-ups, stretching and jelqs. Still, I must admit that I am somewhat skeptical, as is the medical community. But the claims of success made by guys on this and other sites can’t be ignored, and hence my unusual request.

The Documentary
I would like to put to bed any doubts about the viability of the exercise regimens recommended on this and other sites, or expose them as frauds. (Frankly, I really hope they work because I’m aiming for 7”L x 6”C, hopefully within a year.)

To accomplish this I want to create a professional video documentary of the experience of 15 –20 men who follow the advice given here and elsewhere. Real names would not be used on camera and your face would be hidden by various techniques, as well. I, and perhaps a member of my staff, would be the only person who knows your real identity.

Documentary Details
The documentary would include a filmed interview with you every 3 months over a 12 month period. You would be encouraged to share your reasons for pursuing PE and what changes you expect to get from them, both physical and psychological.

In order to truly document the changes you would be filmed taking length and girth measurements in a flaccid, stretched and erect state at each interview. You could take the measurements yourself, or have your wife or girlfriend do it for you. However it is done, the measurement process would be filmed to make the results indisputable. If it made you more comfortable, I may even be able to arrange to have a female associate conduct the interview. You would also be given a brief log sheet to be completed each day you perform the exercises. I would get a copy of the logs at each interview.

I will also try to arrange for one of the hosts of the PE sites to agree to be filmed demonstrating in detail how each exercise should be performed or how each tool should be properly used.

When all interviews are completed the results would be publicly posted. You would receive a free copy of the documentary.


Other Information Regarding the Documentary and PE:
Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of embarrassment and shame connected with the subject of penile length and girth. There should not be! The subject should be out in the open because it has, unfortunately, became a issue of grave concern for a lot of men, affecting not only their self esteem, but also their sex life and quite possibly other aspects of their life, as well. It’s time for this to end, and you can help. Sharing your experience will not only serve to help other men, but will probably go a long way toward making a positive difference in your life, regardless of the outcome of the exercises.

I am very interested in hearing back from you. I would like to receive your comments and questions along with your suggestion and any concerns you might have. Under what conditions might you consider participating? After receiving your comments and questions I will incorporate them into a formal plan for the documentary and make that plan available for all to see.

A little bit more about me
I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I am willing to drive 2-2 ½ hours to conduct the interviews. I even make it to Chicago somewhat regularly. But even if you don’t live within that range, even if you live in California, I would still very much appreciate hearing from you and receiving your thoughts and comments.

I have a degree in science, and although I am not a scientist, I do know a few things about conducting an experiment so that the results are meaningful. I have been a lifelong photographer, although I do not make my living at photography. I am also an experienced videographer. I’ve worked on 4 films and 2 documentaries made in Northern Ohio by local artists. And I do have the qualities and skills necessary to make a professional documentary of this nature.

This is a very serious, professional request! I hope you will respond.

A Few Comments Based on Feedback I Have Received
I do not intend to interview more than one person at a time, it is not going to be a group arrangement. If I find someone in Pittsburgh that is willing to participate I will drive there to meet him, do the interview and drive back home. Three months later I will do the same. Each interview will probably last about 20 - 30 minutes.

I feel I need to start with 5 men but ultimately incorporate up to 15, maybe 20, since along the way a few might drop out. I also want enough interviews documented so that the results are meaningful. It may also turn out that I won’t use all the interviews but will, focus on fewer men. But I feel that I need to get more interviews upfront and then make the final decisions during the editing process. I will start the project as soon as I have 4-5 guys who are willing to participate. Hopefully, once the ball gets rolling and there is feedback from these men I will be able to enlist others.

The documentary would not do much good unless it was available to the general public. As far as how to make it available among other things, I am anticipating offering it to any TV / cable network that has an interest. I am sure that a few of the TV talk shows would be interested. Maybe even Oprah. What better way to bring this out into the open. By that I mean not only the ability to increase in size, but the emotional side of it, as well.

I have given some thought to compensating those men that actually volunteer and who live up to the commitment of 4 interviews over a 12 month period and who practice PE regularly during that time. I can’t pay anyone upfront, but I certainly feel that if any money is made from this documentary (money is not my motivating factor) then these men should share in part of the profits. I can’t say how much that would be.

I would like to DOCUMENT that PE does work, but also include video of how to safely utilize the exercises. But not only that. There may be as many reason motivating men to try PE as there are men doing it. I would like to explore these reasons. For many men there is a truly emotional side to this whole experience, and for some it could affect their quality of life. I somehow believe that there are MANY men in that position. If I could find a few courageous men who would share their experiences and feelings with just one person (me) I think that would be very beneficial for a LOT of other guys. It helps to know that one is not alone, and that there is understanding and encouragement from other people. There is nothing unmanly about having feelings, emotions and doubts.

Even though I want to follow their progress for a period of 12 months, I don’t expect that I will have the 15 - 20 men I am seeking all at one time. If I were to start the project today, it may take me, say, 24 months to complete it. It all depends on when I am able to gather enough interviews and documentation. Again, this is not a group interview, it is one-on-one private interview, so not everyone has to come on board at the same time.

With respect to sample size, I am not looking to come up with absolutely indisputable, definitive results. I think in order to do that I would need to follow several hundred men. That’s something I’m not about to do. I’ll leave that for others. However, with 15-20 men I think that the results would give a VERY STRONG indication of the effectiveness of PE. For example, looking at the extremes, if everyone jumped in (documented) size I think the results would be all but indisputable. If no one increased in size, then PE would surely be HIGHLY suspect. Even if only a few increased in size (I hope I am one) then there is definitely something to be said for PE. But in this last scenario, just as in prescription drugs, PE may not work for everyone.

By the way, I plan to use my own results as part of the documentary. I hope you will agree to participate.

I think this is a great idea.

But I can’t participate.

If you do pull it off, (pun intended), I know this forum always needs donations…

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

I don’t think you’d need several hundred men to prove this works, if you had just one man who indisputably gains, that proves PE is possible.

Either way, good luck with everything, but you should know a good amount of people don’t want PE openly talked about - film this documentary at your own discretion, Thunders Agents are preparing to move :) .

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Hey VMT,

I would be really interested in knowing why you told memento, in a reply to a PM, that you had not had any contact with anyone here on the forum and that you had no idea how your thread got put in the Main Member Forum.

What’s that all about?

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Kaz, I disagree. You do need a lot of subjects because there is such great variability in gains.

There is mostly variability in understanding and practise of said understanding. The “everyone is different” thing is a cop out used to explain lack of gains to people when you can’t figure out, via the written word, what they’re doing wrong.

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Originally Posted by memento
There is mostly variability in understanding and practise of said understanding. The “everyone is different” thing is a cop out used to explain lack of gains to people when you can’t figure out, via the written word, what they’re doing wrong.

I’m not sure what you meant, but this seems to imply that everyone can gain if they do things just right, which clearly isn’t the case. Understanding and application of PE techniques aren’t the only variables.

Everyone is different. The degree one’s shaft is constrained by ligs varies. There can also be major structural differences in tunica construction. Those are just two structural issues up front. I’m sure there are many factors affecting a guy’s PE progress.


Neat idea. If done well it would have commercial appeal, which seems to be the direction you’re heading. Since I doubt you intend to invest the effort and expense involved in producing this without expecting a return (I sure wouldn’t), a commercial member designation here might be appropriate.

I’m thinking 20 participants initially would be a better minimum if you expect 5 to finish, and that might even be a bit low. With unpaid volunteers on a touchy subject like this your dropout rate over 12 months will be high. Since most PE gains seem to occur within the first few months a 6 month study length may be more suitable.

Obviously, part of this project would involve standardizing measurements and measuring techniques. That’s tough. BPFSL is certainly one to include because it doesn’t require an erection (though a fluffy can shorten it). In your shoes I’d probably create a measuring device to use along with other common measuring techniques.

Create a proposed study protocol, then ask for constructive criticism. Revise and repeat. Get it locked down solid before you pull the trigger. The worst thing you could do is spend a year chasing a bunch of subjects around only to later discover you had them doing the wrong thing or weren’t tracking measurements correctly or recording other variables as you should.

This is a great idea.

My ultimate goal is to enlist a total of 20 men to start, not 200. I hope to be able to finish the project with at least 15 men.

The suggestion of conducting the documentary over 6 months seems reasonable if, as was stated, significant gains can be achieved in that time frame.

Since I will be funding the documentary on my own I can’t promise to pay anyone. However, I am certainly willing to consider a written agreement with all participants to pay them if I end up making any money. It would be nice to be able to offer up to $1,000 per participant.

I will be putting together a formal outline of the documentary once I see that there is a sufficient response for volunteers. My goal is to start with at least 5 committed men.

Perhaps those of you reading this post would have the courage to volunteer. Again, let me assure you that everything is to be kept extremely confidential. Your face will not be shown and your real (last) name will not be used on film.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey VMT,

I would be really interested in knowing why you told memento, in a reply to a PM, that you had not had any contact with anyone here on the forum and that you had no idea how your thread got put in the Main Member Forum.

What’s that all about?

Thunder, I did not realize that Memento sent me the message asking about how my original post ended up in the Main forum. I thought that the message came from you so I replied that I did not speak with anyone else, I.e. No one other than you.

Forget about a documentary.

Can you imagine a show or series on a porn pay per view channel?

Has it been thought of or tried?

Thunder and associates, here’s your chance!

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

I’d be up for it except I live too far. I could even break out my calendars that I’ve saved with my gains recorded, my routines doccumented, and other things I’ve added on them. Good luck anyway!

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

I remind at least one scientific study was made about PE effectiveness, and results were positives; if it had no convinced the skeptics, what a documentary could do?

You will be called as a swindler; maybe some appearance in talk-shows will make you earn some money, but for the PE credibility a documentary hardly could do something.

Also, I’m sorry but… I don’t find your story so clear: you are worried about your penis size and want to realize a documentary for convincing…who? Yourself? Do your PE and wait; medical community? A documentary will not lead a single Doc admitting he was wrong about PE.

I believe here at Thundersplace we have all the proofs needed for being convinced PE isn’t a myth; the rest of the way to the certainty has to be done by tring this stuff (hard work and patience).

I agree with marinera. Anyone who is that interested in finding out about P.E will do so, just like all of us here. If they have the the time and dedication they will also find first hand proof of whether or not it works. Who needs a documentary? All the information people need to be inspired is documented here.

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