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PE Doctor

PE Doctor

does anyone know of an online expert that is pe oriented?


Heck man we are the experts! This penis enlargement practice is in it’s infancy as far as medical science is concerned. Sure the Arabs and some African tribes supposedly praticed penis enlargement, but I doubt they will be online. ; )
The moderators here and some of us folks who have been doing this for a couple of years or more ARE the experts. I would say that Big Al and BIB are THE experts. If you need help with something they are always willing to help as are the rest of us.


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Please do not start the entire discussion regading your injury over again. You have been given advice several times over. If you don’t cool it, you may have the honor of the first post I delete.

A urologist is what you need. Go see him.



Do a Google search for urology forums, I have bumped into a few but don’t remember the names right now. A couple have Urologist answering questions for members. Probably the safest thing to do though, is go see a urologist in person as Huge suggested.

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why u guys being so hard on the guy, i havent read his other posts but i would like to know about injuries incured during PE.

Any doctor you see will tell you penis enlargement is not possible. You aren’t going to see any “PE” oriented doctors online or anywhere else for that matter, until PE is taken seriously my the medical community. A urologist is your best bet. Please take the advice of the ONLINE EXPERTS right here.

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It’s doubtful that any urologist you talk to online will diagnose over the internet. They will probably say “Well, it might be this or it might be that, but I’ll really need to see you to tell for sure” and rightly so too!

Bite the bullet and see the man - it’s the only way you’ll find out for sure.


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I agree

Everyone else is doing the program and seeing results. So this really does work, but u go to a doctor and when they tell u it doesnt, then u will realize how much doctors know. In my experience with doctors, the most easiest answer for them is to just stop whatever u are doing. Anytime u are trying something and it might be causing u problems, they will simply just say stop. I advice u to see a doctor also, but dont take everything they say as law. I have actually healed myself (backpain) by doing the opposite of what doctors have told me. I wouldnt advice u doing that with your willy though. Good luck, let us know how it goes.

how many times have u hurt yourself.

this is the first non-minor

Sorry bout that thunder, i will try to work on it. Thought it was funny that you pointed it out though. My spelling is shit though and i cant really help that, so if you have noticed it, im sorry.

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