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PE dealers

PE dealers

Ok I am not sure if I should be posting this thead on this forum but l wouldn’t know any better.

Being new to PE but relatively a bit researchful I couldn’t help not noticing some favorable considerations and referencies of thunder’s place moderators for a guy named Big AL who unfortunately I wouldn’t have a clue of who he is.

For some moderator postings as I was saying this guy seems to be the named guru of penis enlargement web-advisory.Yesterday surfing in the net on PE I found the PE forum: and the PE forum: who look pretty similar as web page likes. There I found this name again (Big Al) on some thread posting. I checked out for his profile to find out something more about and I got the notice that this guys account was off-cancelled due to password theft commited by him and that he was permanentelly banned from all forums of that community.

That sounded a bit strange for a person with such a great consideration from this place(thunders) indeed.

What then came as the berry of the pie was my discovery that this type owns a PE site that is also highly recommended from the moderators of this-thunders forum.

I wouldn’t like to find out that this place supports non-honest dealers if this is the truth behind this name.

Ending I would like to say that this story is still a mystery to me and propably I don’t know what I am talking about.

But then the note I take yesterday could only tease me for some clarification questions which I hope to have as a reply to this post.

Thank you


You sure are an inquisitive person. The PE is the new home of the old PE Forum that was on EZ Board. Someone stole Big Al’s password and deleted the whole board around Christmas. That is why the PE Forums have a new home now. EZ Board sucks period.

Big Al is a stand up guy and if you find anything posted bad about him, consider the source, it is probably another paysite owner that is behind the trash talk.

Some guys find that the structured program and the one on one support that Big Al provides is the best way to go. You will also find that a lot of veterans join his site just for these reasons.

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I have been on Thunder’s site since its inception.
I was also a member of the old suck-ass ezboard site. I can honestly tell you that Big Al has at no time ever hawked his product or site on either board. To the contrary, he has been quite supportive of people by giving free advice on both forums. Don?t believe me? Just check and see. There have actually been posts by individuals who did not like his program. If there were some sort of collusion between Thunder?s site and Big Al, do you honestly believe these negative posts would not have been censored?



I was asked to review Big Al’s site about a year ago. I did so without saying a word there while I did that; trust me, he had no notion. I am still on his mailing list. I can tell you (and I am highly suspicious of many PE sites) that he seems to me to be completely honest, he charges relatively little for a lot of good information - most of which, btw, I have tried and found to be safe and sensible, and he responds openly to public criticism by the unaware. A stand-up guy, in my estimation.

I am curious as to why you, as someone ostensively interested in personal penis size gains, spends so much time dragging us into these discussions of PE sites when you have already found the few best ones. Only a very foolish person cruising the Net today would believe everything he reads at every site. The Net is about “caveat emptor”, Let the buyer beware. At the same time, there is a vast amount of excellent, shared knowledge out there and here. You seem intelligent enough to filter out the drek.

So let’s concentrate, shall we, on the issue here - getting bigger dicks? Most of us posting at this site already know who the snake oil salesmen are.

Best regards,



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