PE Data Page Stats

Maybe this will help answer questions whether one is a fast/average/slow gainer.

I put the numbers from Size’s data page into a spreadsheet and did some calculations. First, I should point out I had to interpret some of the entries. For example, some guys listed 1993 as the year of their first measurement, probably because that’s what they measured years ago before PE (or they forgot to select the year on the submission form). In those cases I ignored the 1993 date and figured the PE time based on the next entry or I just plain guessed by adding a month or two based on the subsequent rate of progress.

Average Age
Of those who gave it: 33.8 years.

Average Size - first entry
Realize this is not an accurate representation of pre-PE size. Some members PE’d before entering their first measurements. Still, it isn’t too out of whack compared with most size studies.

This includes everyone, including those who have only made a single entry:

Length 6.41”
Girth 5.09”

Average Size - most recent

This only includes members who have 2 or more entries:

Length 7.14”
Girth 5.40”

Average time PEing

4.6 months

Average gains

Keep in mind many (most) guys have data covering only the first few weeks/months of PE. Many newbies experience rapid results in the beginning, but that rate of growth doesn’t last forever. IOW, you can’t just multiply the rate per month by 12 and expect to arrive at an average of one year gains. It just don’t work like that. :) Also, it is possible those with good or above average progress are more likely to enter their numbers than slow gainers. That said, based on the 4.6 month average time those with multiple entires have been at it:

Length: .80” = .17” per month
Girth: .41” = .09” per month