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PE community

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PE community

My dream stills on the creation of a unviversal internet community which will hospit any and all opinion, idea and discussion of PE from and for all the people that are interested to it.

I understand that such a community needs another organizative community for helping and supporting its function at best.

I also see that an organization such as this has to be a non-profit one due to its original global nature (by definition) , a thing which stands against the concept of monopoly which lies behind the profit idea.(PE pay sites base their standing on monopoly because their goods-trades consist only of info(rmation): e.g. all of them claim that they have the info in a way others haven’t- this is necessary for them to be able to stand and have meaning in doing so as pay sites).

So if we really want to create a global community we have to achieve a non-profit organization that will stand for it.

If others are with me I would like to hear their point of you and if possible some initiative on ideas of how could we start making a thing like this possible in practice.

Re: PE community

Ok here is a try:

First of all I see that we have to find a scheme that could host peoples opinions in an archieved form.Forums offer (while I was writing this Thunder SS came with a reply -right at this moment of typing- telling what obviously I am about to stand for) a scheme like this and by the God we are fortunate that already it exists.

The scope is to get to gather all the people all over internet in one place where it would be easy to find everybody else’s opinion about the community.

So what we have to do is create a forum that all the people that are interested in PE are going to visit and that this would be also the only one for the sake of the facility to find all the opinions in the community.

So I think we have to consider about creating a global forum or joining all the members of all the forums to just one.

I understand that it sounds difficult but all the great things come after hard and hard work. Post your quotes.

A couple of thoughts...

One forum is easier to hack and do away with, many forums makes it harder to totally disrupt the PE community.

Not all guys doing PE like the same types of forums, each and every forum has it’s own personality and it’s own group of regular members. Now there are quite a few guys that belong to many PE forums, most of the members here are also members on PE Forums, not all, but most.

This forum is already “global” in a small sense. Althought most members are from English speaking countries, we do have quite a few members for whom English is their second or even third language, as in your case.

There is an Italian forum ran by one of the members here, Big Bamboo. Until recently there was a Spanish forum on Yahoo. And I am sure there are other forums I am not aware of in many different languages.

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Re: A couple of thoughts...

I understand what you say that each forum has its personality and some people could find themselves better in some in respect of some others.

But I also consider the possibilites of the info exchange a unique forum could offer. So I don’t find irrational the idea of trying to create a really big-big forum that will serve always as the reference point to any opinion that goes around.

So what do you think?


It may work and it may not. It may be something the PE community would benefit from and it may end up being something that would hinder the progress of the PE community.

If you believe in this idea Largo, go for it. It will be a lot of hard work for you though.

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Look around you.

Does the United Nations work? Not at all effectively, and for many logical reasons.

Do you want to talk to every other guy in the world on the www net who wants a bigger dick - in the same forum? I sure don’t. I’d much prefer one-on-one feedback, which I get here, from men who are experienced at this and usually think before they act.

Good luck in your project, though. If you can pull an idea like that together, more power to you.



I am sorry man but I don’t find any sense in your quote. You are saying that you want to speak not to everybody from the net but to some that in the end will definately be from that place. What I am saying that a net forum is always a net forum and you do not know who you are speaking to all the time: I still don’t know you and you still don’t know me. So where is the difference you are talking about? Make it more clear.

A global net forum will always be and work as a normal net forum(just for the nature of the internet) all the times:rules should be there and respected(the only thing that changes are the numbers of members and so the profundity of the info collection due to major cocontribution.

How will you handle the different languages? The different slang terms? The different customs and taboos? How will you spread word that you are making such a forum? How will it reach the four corners of the planet?

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I plainly said it is my dream and if it is to become reality it need a lot of common work or colaboration if you like.

But I don’t think that the language will be the major problem as one can have it run in english as is the established common language of the internet(see the com domain advertisements to see what I am saying).

Then spreading the word could be not such a big deal for new marketing experts. Pay sites did : why not a major thing like this?

It just needs some positive community thinking I think and the self-determined loss of profit making will from the others where there is no need as in a common concerning matter which can be run through contribution.

So, Largo...

let’s hear the non-theoretical, concrete plan that you appear to have running through your mind. If one speaks of a consolidation of forums into one, huge global one, there must be many parts to this. Specifically, what other forums of interest are out there in internetland that you wish to combine? I can think of a few and and like that they are separate for the reasons Thunder mentioned and also a few other reasons. It has proven a great idea in recent PE history to have several places to gather. I have done alot of internet searching and quite honestly, there doesn’t seem to be alot of free forums out there that are really worth a fuck for info and learning. You must have found more than I have thus far. Please do elaborate on the addy’s and nature of these forums you wish to combine and go global with. Your mention above “all members of all forums” implies to me alot more than the just the three on my mind right now. So again, what forums and how many? Thanx. groa.

To ThunderSS

I guess so yes, that could be the deal of a start.

But guess then this place has to eliminate all other existing forums by regrouping their members or viewers to this one with a parallel rejoining of all the info they carry.

Then there has to be established a stable maintenace organization dirigible by a spirit not business-like but like a common research one.

To groa.

It is true I have seen more than three open forums out there for sure and I could name them if you want.

Then you are saying that PE history has proved that is better if there are more forums???What does this mean exactly???

But Largo, if this place is to “eliminate all other forums”, wouldn’t that piss a lot of people off? Like Avocet, most prefer a forum where the membership is small enough that you get to know a little about the person you are having a discussion with. I am afraid there is always going to be a need, and more than a couple of reasons, to have many forums, at least in the foreseeable future.

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