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ThunderSS my us is not the 2 persons you seem to insist that you only care for but all the people that have or want to say something or just read about penis enlargement. This is the us, this is the community.

Civilizations Rome occupied are always the same with our occidental one.

Other civilizations are the native indian one for example but alas we destroyed it in the imperialistic cause.

Another one is the chinese or indian one (or even arab) and indeed they would consider penis enlargement in a diferent way from the means of this forum(or the most commonly found means of PE on the net).

I personally am interested about a PE community of these last means and this is the one that I will support a Rome for-this comunity is the one I would like to belong and see it progress.

Hey we did it for imperialsm(for just the profit of 2 people), why not for PE(for the profit of US all together)?


So do you have that list of forums or not?

Nobody is going to spend time and energy on this with you if you don’t give some more information. No one here knows anything about you. What is your experience with PE? Which programs have you paid for? Have you made any gains? Have you ever even done PE? Do you have experience working or setting up other forums or websites?

You shouldn’t expect to come marching in and say “hey let’s blow away all of the forums and create one big one” with your first post and be taken seriously.

I personally like the set up we have now. Each of the different forums have a different “flavor” that would be lost if we just crammed them together into one site. Smaller boards allow for more “specialty” forums, like the hanging and pumping forums here.

I don’t think you’re going to find anyone here who thinks your ideas is a good one.

Re: largo

I agree with you. I also like this forum and the way it stands. I know of other forums also and I can see that this forum can handle the flavors of various PE aspects.What I was hoping for was seeing the posted ideas on PE of more people: of all people if possible.

Hey more people=more minds, more experiments,..=more info exchange=more rapid progress to the truth of our common cause.

Thats just what I am hoping for.

I don’t see why you’d have to combine all of the forums to do that. Just visit the 2 or 3 quality forums individually.

Are you going to answer my, or anyone’s questions?

OMG, I can't believe I missed the whole damn thing!!!


Your dream sucks:) And I’ll explain why.

The internet is, thankfully, fundamentally anarchic. It doesn’t matter how many governments or individuals try to regulate it, the whole tapestry of the human experience is there for all to see. Everything is there … yes, the good, the bad and the unbelievably aesthetically challenged. If you’re looking for PE forums you can find them, you don’t have to dig too deep …. hell, you already claim to have found, how many is it? (still no proof I see) So it’s really no big deal to find them the way they are now. Why change it?

Secondly, if you were to lump all the PE forums together into one giant repository you take away some of people’s fundamental human rights - the right to freedom of choice. Now I don’t know about you Largo, but I value my freedom of choice. I’d also wager that if that if this merger ever happened, within a month another forum would spring up somewhere else to cater to disgruntled people who thought the new forum sucked! So after all the planning, organizing and logistical headaches you’d be back at square 1 within a month. What is the point?

Largo, it was unkind to say that your dream sucked - I apologise. Your dream is noble but very naïve because it fails to acknowledge the diversity of the human race and their inherent right to freedom of choice.

lil1 :sun:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Re: OMG, I can't believe I missed the whole damn thing!!!

I am sorry to see you are missing my point.
Why do you say that this forum would fail to acknowledge the diversity of the human race or the freedom of choice?
Of course and it wouldn’t. Everybody would be there, just the same diverse people that are out there. So actually I see it not only as the same thing but maybe better because you are going to meet more easily all the diversity thats around. It would be better for you see more quotes, no?
The only thing that would change won’t be the people or their rights as everybody will have admitance and acess to the same thongs as now(or more) but the point of meeting.
See it as a public demonstration.
Lets say there are 2000 people they protest in a city.
How do they have more chance of helping themselves?
Of breaking up into 4 demonstrations of 500 people each and go around in different piazzas or by being united in 2000?
I believe 2000 together make such a bigger impact and can be more productive for their battle.
And a research about a common cause I believe is a battle indeed.
This won’t be a forum primarly interested in how we are going to enlarge my or your dick but how finally penis enlargement works on human males and the truth behind its applicative techniques or practices-practics if you like.
Of course by this way one finally sees the ramification of this info exchamge arriving at himself. So everybody gets to deal with the total info about what works in general and also what works about him(or not works).
So your quotation about freedom is out of sense I would say.
What I am saying is:The choice wouldn’t decrease: it will only be less limited!
Individual forums can spring as they like but I find it unjust for the common cause. I’ ll tell you why:
It doesn’t help global info exchange.Perharps one forum makes a discovery but won’t share it.But then everybody has the same chances of discovery because the male physiology has the same standards for evrybody.
So it would only be pure egoism a discovery that will be to take only partial offer.
So why not helping each other into this with max colaboration?
And remember this is not only for the moral cause but also for the cause of discovering the reality more truthfully, for producing more effectively.
Don’t you want that?
I do.

And also I never did say to hinder the net resources and stop info exchange.Yes in internet you have to be able to find almost everything and that is the way it should be.
I am only talking of helping penis enlargement as a scientific matter, not other things that hang around.
A PE science global forum and not a global global forum.
Science as science: not as aesthetics or porn affair.
Aesthetics should always be on the net even on penis enlargement for some.
But what I am talking about is the scientific research matter.
And there I believe the doors should be open to everybody.Making sites that who will be accessed by only who can afford 50$ for each AND without even knowing what he is going to find out don’t think it helps our research go on.
It only helps some people make money!
But this is another thing.
Or we are for the better of PE research or we are for the pockets of some.
I personally am a member to more than 5 sites. But this helped me not to learn more things on PE!
So what do u say?

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Re: Re: OMG, I can't believe I missed the whole damn thing!!!

On a site about the male penis the author was dealing with the natural PE and its net resources phenomeno.

What he says is that there are not enough uninterest info and data around to be able to make a general estimation.

I believe this is true.


How the fuck should I know who I can trust when everybody has some other interest behind?

Some say: no pumps, no weights but others say yes to both or some.

Some say no pills while others go for it.

But all of the above are for the cash in the end.

My hero in PE is Tom Hubbard who actually researches and experiments just for PE. This guy I trust.

I just hoped that everybody else around on PE was like him.

And this I believe can be only obtained if we try to form a global community from all and for all.

This is what I cry for.

Largo, you miss the point entirely - are you still in high school? 1 forum = 1 choice. This is not freedom of choice!!!

You say you appreciate diversity yet you are completely unwilling to accept anything but your own views. What makes you right and everybody else wrong? If your ideas are so good why hasn’t anybody else taken them up? Has anybody rushed to support you here? No! Because we’re not interested. Can’t you take a hint?

Your idea will never work for one very important reason - the people don't want it. Or do you know better than the people? You will learn as you get older that you can have rarest most beautiful object in the world, but if nobody wants it, it’s worthless. Now please, peddle your ideas somewhere else because there are no willing buyers here. :)

lil1 :flame:

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MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Everybody’s opinion should be respected as it should be yours and mine.
So please do not present decisions for everybody.
Your decision I can see: if there were to be a global PE community you wouldn’ like or you wouldn’t take part of(you have other interests).
I respect this but personaly this is what I am for and the reasons for it I hope I already explained.

As for the “point” :I hope you can learn as you get older to not view and consider the meaning of things from a label quotation, but from their reality sense and impact.


I have read and re-read all of your posts and quite frankly I see a disturbing patter emerge. As stated in your original post, you dreamt of a universal community which will host any and all opinions, a thing which stands against monopoly. What you end up describing is EXACTLY a monopoly. A single, monolithic, one-stop shop for any and all seeking PE information. No other ?flavors? except the one offered by the Über-board. You completely miss the fact that people actually like and seek out differences. I too belong to several boards and have left others because of aspects that I found displeasing. I have exercised my right to look elsewhere for information, EVEN THOUGH THE INFORMATION WAS NEARLY IDENTICAL, simply because of how the boards were run. Like it or not, when people try to serve up the same service, it is the multitude of various ways that attract some to one place and others to another. It is the height of arrogance and folly that presuppose one way is the ultimate way.

What have I just described, largosomalia? Capitalism, in the strictest sense of the word, or anarchy. Competition is equally applicable to ideas as it is to business, which you seem to frown upon. Bad ideas need to be weeded out and replaced by better ones. Ideas actually compete for individuals? attentions. Do us all a favor and let people decide for themselves where and in what format they choose to receive their information and ideas. Different sites allow individuals to chose how and in what format the information is presented. It is not uncommon for someone to post the same information to multiple boards and for members to belong to multiple boards. Some boards have bias towards certain techniques. Other boards have incredibly low signal to noise ratios. Each board is a different creature and by combining them all you would be in essence creating a board that takes the lowest common denominator and making it the standard.

Now about the noble cause of the exchange of information. I liken this place to a scientific journal. People try experiments and publish their results. Others read the experiments, try to replicate the results, and then report back their findings. Basically, this is the scientific method. There is no difference between this board and a science review journal. Now get this, largosomalia, there are literally thousands of peer review journals. There does not exist one big-ass journal where scientists and researchers go for information. If you don?t understand why, please reference paragraph number 2.

My advice to you, largosomalia, is for you to take a few classes in economics, read a few scientific review journals, and maybe look into differences between democracies and autocracies. You seem to have a top-down, ?I know what?s best for everybody?, approach, which just doesn?t work.


I do not want to respond about myself and what I have studied cause this is not the case and interest of this forum.
I can also speak of capitalism or comunism and base my arguments on this word patterns but I won’t cause I see no logic of real sense in it.
As I said to lil you have to learn to consider the meaning of things not from their labels, like the american-idealism propaganda wants to do.
If you can see the sense of things in their true(=what happens in reality) nature you will see that a global community not only is not a monopoly but destroyes its meaning of existence.
Because it is global=allready contains everything. There you do not have to protest for more variety: this protest won’t stand because already there is ALL in it.
You can only protest for more limitations if you like but not for more choices(because you already contain ALL choices)*.
A global situation only needs harder and harder organization(as ThunderSS said) but hey I think if we are in it why shouldn’t we make it?
And for the sake of scientific research I believe it would be much easier if scientist could take their research marks from a place which is free,non profit and global.
Can’t you see this?
I think it is very simple:
Cause if I were a scientific group I would
1st)save much research time by less necessary browsing
2nd)have a fond of data realy trustful which is also necessary

If you have any other quotations please post.

*But then one can easily choose his limits when it comes to what he takes so I do not see where a problem could stand.

(largos wrote:)
Cause if I were a scientific group I would
1st)save much research time by less necessary browsing
2nd)have a fond of data realy trustful which is also necessary



And who, in your Shangrila, determines what information is trustworthy?

Yours is, ultimately, a self-limiting universe.

I’ll trust my head. I am respectfully bowing out of this discussion because I see that it will go absolutely nowhere and does not speak to the issues I came to Thunder’s Place to understand.




I do not like playing with the words as I said but if you insist…

You can be right in a certain point of you.
I am talking about a self-limited universe FOR EACH and I wish I could realize it for me, as so for every other person that there is.
Can’t you see that this self-limited universe is the less limited-universe that it can be?
Self limited for a person = limitless for that person.
But this is the equation for the one.
For the whole (sum of members) the limit stands to its potential in respect to the maximum theoretical potential that can be, so in a study with a point of reference like this ,in practice you could say that the unit with the minimum limit is the total sum unit which referentically would be the unit with no limit at all (the unit that touches the lowest (quantitatively ) edge of the limit scale)

And who the hell now determines what is trustworthy?
What is the deal about trustworthy?
In statistic science you define trustworthiness in a certain manner.
But this is not your case.
Always there is the possibility of error.
Error depends on various factors and error-value result also depends on the number of members (in respect of the total population) of our study*.
But we can also study these factors.
One factor that can be important to the trustfulness of PE scientific research data should be the presence of interest to lie in the various individual statements.
And right now people can lie because of economic interests.
In a global free forum there will be none of these.
So this is what I am talking about.

*Because the error-value is referentic to the true value (which is offered by the one that comes out of measurements of the total population).

Thankfully, the Uli...

is one hell of alot less complex than that:) . How is it going on that issue, anyway. It takes a while, but you’ll like it if it works for ya. On the global forum issue, I think it’s pretty apparent by now that this particular forum is not really going to be a part of the “global” PE World or whatever it’s name will be. I like to think that in alot of ways, it already is like that when one considers the diversity here. You might, if your dead serious about this quest, try to unite some of the other forums which you had alluded to earlier in the thread. What were they again? groa

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