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That’s exactly what I would like, hence the reason I asked for the forums and how many. Why does that interest me? “Cause just for kicks, I’ve searched many times and likely have found nearly a dozen…some may not even exist anymore and certainly were not worth saving addy’s for. Well forgotten about, IMO. Proven? Yeah…were still here and together despite numerous events that would likely have rudley disbanded the PE community if it were not for several places we all (I assume) browse from time to time. Last time around, this place was crucial in maintaining the community. If you continue to browse this and other forums (which you know of), logic dictates you will come to a fine understanding of the above stuation. It may takes some searching and you’ll get sidetracked learning a bunch about PE and people. Now, just to satisfy my curiosities before I leave tonight for the midnight titty dance crowd, your list (and what you like about it) and what is your intended role in this global order of dick pulling? Mod, admin, member, owner of free turned fee? j/k about the last part:) Than… groa

I do not see how this could piss them off as such an elimination will be no elimination of any data or info as these will be to regathered. The only thing to eliminate will be the name of the places just for the sake of having ONE.

If people want to get to know each other for reasons other than PE common info then there are the emails too.

Re: Yep.

To goa:

I see what do you mean about this history lesson. To me is a sad story indeed and I am sorry for any frusrtation people undertook for no reason.But as I said a forum that will be OUR forum can have a maintenance and backup organization dirigible by what quality standards we like.I can understand that this past “group” in charge of the forum maintenance wasn’t the case of (y)our choice.

I said it needs hard work but if you want to do it you can achieve what you like I think.

As about the nomination of the other forums before proceeding (to some real action) I think that we need a very careful planning of what we are going to do.

So let know if you are in this plan.

Yes, there are emails and private messages. That is not what I am refering to though. After awhile you get to know the people you share the forum with. Take groa for instance. I have known him forum wise, for quite awhile. I like his sense of humor and I know that he sees sides of things that others miss. I make it a point to read his posts. The same goes for quite a few of the regulars here. That would be less likely on a much larger forum.

You are also counting on a large number of people to give up their present forums with no gaurantee that they will like the new one. And what about the guys who are running these other forums? Guys like me that would be a little leary of just closing down and moving everything to another forum.

Nope the more I think about it, the clearer it becomes. We need more rather than less forums. A larger forum would probably stagnate in a short amount of time. The PE community would have one forum/one idea instead of many forums and many ideas. Thanks but no thanks, I’m staying right where I am at for the time being.

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3rd time's a charm!

Actually, your perception (guess) of my postion and feeling toward the “group” mentioned in reference to some forum (which forum, you don’t specify) is ambiguous and possibly incorrect. Don’t have a prob with PE’ers in charge of any forum that has had problems. It folks outside of that collective that pose a problem. AND NOW…the moment we’ve all been waiting for…your list of the parts that make the whole greater than the sum of it’s parts. You said you would, so therefore, please do list your intended forums for this project. BTW, what did they say about your idea? groa


I see you can understand that Groa is a particular force of ThunderSS community.I hope you can sense also that Groa can be whenever helikes or HAPPENS. This means that he could be found on ThunderSS forum or/and on X forum or to tell it a different way on X forum there could also be another special guy. So it is not forum dependent the speciality of its individuals but the contrary:the forum depends on who it hosts.

What I am only saying is that we can make this HAPPEN at its most comprehensive way: present all the special individuals to all of their kind so the beneficial info out of it would be the most comprehensive possible also.

This is just what I am hoping for.

Re: 3rd time's a charm!

To groa:

I was talking about the pub14.ezboard pe forum but I said “group” by my mistake as I was remembering it as “ezgroup”.

So tell me if I guessed wrong.

About the other forums I haven’t posted to them yet an idea as such as ThunderSS seemed the best place to start.

If we can start with a plan I will provide my list.

No Largo, I am not saying that the forum will depend on who it’s member are, although that is a true statement, I am saying that on a large forum, you will have less time/chances to interact with a person the same way you do on a small forum. I can see it happening on this forum already and we have had discussions before about not allowing any more members for that very reason.

A large forum like you are wanting to create will also take a lot of time to catch on, it is not like you can throw a switch and all of a sudden it is there. You have to build it piece at a time, and the first piece is usually called trust. If the members don’t have any trust in you, they will not become good contributing members.

I think groa is putting off his visit to the titty bar until he sees your list of other forums.

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I never said that it will be easy.

It is not the accomodation I see in this effort but just the potential it can carry.

Rome wasn’t built in a day either but it could be the only way to unite all under one center.

Remember that your culture, our culture or occidental culture-civilization if you like comes from there.

And this is not about territory or populations just for info exchange.

Why go with it when being imperialistic and not for such of a nobler cause as the exchange of information?

Quite guessing.

A force? Not even close, I just happen to be around at the moment and had some curiosity about what you post. If you stick around, you’ll likely learn a great deal from the real “forces” in the PE community. I certainly have and continue to. Your plan is starting to seem about as elaborate and well thought out as your comprehensive list of all forums to be involved in this endeavor. On the bright side, your English is getting quite good in this thread and a hell of alot easier to understand. I wish I would learn that fast. So, without a list, no possible plan. You offered, I and all lurkers are waiting for that list. No danger in posting, it’s always easy come easy go on this stuff folks stay where they like. groa

Largo, to use your Rome example, what caused the downfall of Rome? It got so large that it could not support itself.

Good luck with your idea, but this forum is staying right where it is at, even if it only has two members.

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Re: Quite guessing.

My plan? I do not have a plan. In my first post I say what this stands to me about: a dream.
Hey but dreams are to come true someday.
I am just asking for your opinion and if we finally get to agree to something and you also are motivated to it a great deal of we could try to work something out.
A common cause needs people being together.
And this is not just for myself.
If we are together I can give you whatever the community demands.
So like ThunderSS told you have to make you present and your opinion or decision about it.

I am sorry if I didn’t understand but I can’t seem to figure out your answer: about the guess I mean.

Re: Re: Quite guessing.

Actually if you could read a bit more carefully my post you could find the true meaning of what I said.

Rome did never fall. Maybe it changed name or place but the occidental civilization still exists and reigns in the world.

If you have a doupt about it just tell.

Then why hesitating about leaving this place?

Or couldn’t it be that this place becomes Rome?

We have to think of us and for us ALL so lets not hurry in decisions that don’t seem to follow this direction-the direction of the common cause(it’s not 2 members(forums need to be person dependent and not the contrary)Remember?).

Largo, you have a long way to go before you are “US”. Do you understand that? No one here knows you or anything about you, you have be around for quite awhile before you become us.

Yes, Rome got too large, as your ideal forum would be, and the result, many smaller civilizations.

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