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PE brethren, allow myself to introduce..myself


That penissizedebate websie would make almost anyone fel bad about their size. There are probably guys out there with 10x7 ‘s who have read that site and feel humiliated over the fact that there are 11’s out there.

As Luvdadus once said (paraphrased): that site was designed to make everyone with a penis feel bad.


that was the problem. My pencil wasn’t enough to even satisfy her ass.

Also, Yeah. I am beginning to think that is a bunch of crap. Even as a PE’er with a larger wienie in the future, I still think it is a load of crap. I have some very honest and loyal connections through my swinger friend that says so. Yep. According to her, average really is around 6x5. Some larger, some smaller, most right about that size.

Can’t wait till I get a job and can afford the time and effort towards continuing PE.

All of you are so cool. The humor and intellect on this board is amazing.

Love you guys.



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