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PE Bar?


PE Bar?

I notice that the idea of “lack of privacy” comes up quite frequently as a reason for lack of PE quality time.

It seems to me that this could be an opportunity for making money:

A PE bar, a place guys can go to and wear there “devices” without friends, family, or SO’s observing. It could be equipped with numerous private wi-fi compatible cubicles.

“Honey, I’m headed out to the bar. I’ll be back in a few hours!”

Yeah that’s what we want.

A bar where guys can go play with themselves and watch each other jack off for hours on end.

And how are we going to find this magical pe vacation spa?

I go it! Let’s adorn the place with bright flags, maybe rainbow so they stand out.

And just so the feds don’t bust us we’ll hide it in the back of another store like an antiques shop.

OH WAIT THEY ALREDY EXIST! They’re called gay bath houses:p Hahaha.

I get what you mean but it seems like it would only be a matter of days for something good to turn into a place where gay men go to have sex and perverts touch themselves without the fear of being caught.

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Yes, I know, it was a crazy-stupid suggestion, just thinking out loud.

Instead of a juice bar, you could have a jelq bar!

I thought you were suggesting a PE toolbar :)

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It would be doable if it wasn’t public and if it spread by word of mouth. Also, there would have to be strict rules against anything sexual between patrons, gay or otherwise. There should be general room for actual drinks and whatnot where nudity would be prohibited. People could chill and discuss PE. For actually doing PE you would have to go to separate room, cubicle or whatever where you would be alone.

That kind of place would help people with lack of privacy. However, even if I had such problems and even if place like that existed, I wouldn’t go there.

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The bar could provide pre heated rice socks and rent quality sterilized vacuum pumps and top of the line extenders. It could also offer quality lelqing devices and hangers. Once you have tried a device and like how it works you could be purchase it at a discount.

The actual bar would serve green tea with a variety of supplements to be taken with the tea.

Also, a precise digital measuring device would be available for tracking your growhth which would be fed into a computer program for tracking growth and logging y.our routines. The computer would be programmed to make suggestion and offer advise to improve your PE routine.

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Originally Posted by UpTo7
That kind of place would help people with lack of privacy. However, even if I had such problems and even if place like that existed, I wouldn’t go there.

:( Dam their go my dreams of sneakily watching you jelq

By the way this idea is hilarious. PE is no where near enough acceptable to be made public and straight guys involved wouldn’t want to be in the company of other guys with their junk out. They’d have to be 100% comfortable and just like in a gym where their is a personal trainer, the veterans can help out newbies but you just know the place will attract people who get off on seeing it.

The first rule of Firegoat Bars is we don’t talk about Firegoat Bars - but the universal network has existed for a decade now - I’m opening a new one every few days since the Cardassians found out that even minor cities on all the Klingon and Romulan planets now have bars…O:-) (:

Just because it isn’t considered mainstream on Earth doesn’t mean it’s the same everywhere else!

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Yes, but in order to get in to one of Firegoat’s bars, you have to be wearing the official “members only” kilt. :-)

(I now know why Scotsmen wear kilts; it’s so easy to hide an extender under one of those things!)

God knows they need an enlarged unit to satisfy those sheep :D

If there is a “Board Certified Penis Elargement Specialist” on call, it can work!

Look for this soon in Germany, the penis enlargement center of the world.

:D Jelq bar :D

So wait, the Trek races have PE bars??

That actually sounds kind of neat in a way. Gyms are mainstream, so why not dick gyms? Maybe if PE ever becomes common enough it could happen.

Anything can happen.

If someone had told me in 1975 that in 15 years people would be walking into the store and paying $2 for a bottle of water, when there are drinking fountains available everywhere … i would have laughted out loud.

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In 1950 when gas was selling for 17 cents a gallon, I would have laughed out loud if someone told me it would exceed $4 in 2012. Same with cigarettes that were selling for $.23 a pack.

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