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PE averager for csv data


Ok, got a working graph now. I’ve included it in the .zip

It’s in html format, so just open up the results.html in whatever browser. It’s just a simple table and very large in scope. However, I think there are some bogus entries in the PE Data site… Unless there really were 8 guys that were 1” x 1” (that sounds too low to me). Of course, there are listings that have up to 8.875” girth and 13” length. I’m not gonna say any of that is not possible, but it really sounds off.

At any rate, I didn’t filter anything out.

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Going to work on making something more graphical in nature now. So we can have something a little easier to read.

Last version for the day.

-Still only works with the first listing for each name (which does include some that are not prePE as the dates are not always listed chronologically).
-Does NOT filter anything (all numbers are based on all of PE data)

-Shows the mean (average) BPEL
-Shows the mean (average) EG
-Lays out a 2d graph of BPEL x EG in a enormous table (is that a pro?)
-shows a table of 10% steps for BPEL
-shows a table of 10% steps for EG

The zip includes 2 files. One is the source code for the program. It uses standard libraries, so if you want to review it or compile it for use wherever, you can. The second file is a html file which shows the output of the program (run against fairly new data).

What does that mean? Well, if you want to see the results and don’t care about the program, grab the zip and just open the HTML file. It’s just a bunch of table statements, but the usual applies. I’m not gonna be held accountable if your computer implodes by looking at a html file.

The information on the html file is as accurate as the entirety of the PE data is, which is to say… who knows. I would assume it is, but it’s really hard to tell. Future versions will probably include a filter that only processes entries from people who have more than one entry (in other words, it’ll ignore anyone that put in PE data just once and never updated it). The assumption being that if you’ve spent enough time to put two entries in, you probably actually care about the information you’re putting in. Not necessarily true, but I would think it would apply.

Anyway, here it is. Also, if you haven’t seen it for some reason, slipstream’s project has some really cool graphs and a good bit of information just from excel spreadsheet work (very impressive).

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