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PE at College

PE at College

Hey I am going to be going back to school full time and I have a few questions for people who PE in college.

1. How do you guys Pump/Hang/ADS while living with a roommate?
2. Where do you hide your stuff?

Thank you

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There are a few threads like this already. You might find some useful answers with a search.

-I pump in the shower usually.
-I hang with shorts already on so I can throw my weight under my desk if my roommate comes home. Then I take off the hanger privately in the bathroom.
-Put your ADS on in the bathroom.

-My drawer.

I mentioned this a while ago but it might be worth repeating.

For pumping you have to disguise the pump somehow. The actual pump is a bit difficult But you can always suggest that it is in the bathroom to get rid of stoppages in the sink. - Hopefully the sink won’t get stopped. Otherwise just keep it in you drawer/ocker or whatever you keep everything in.

The cylinder is easily disguised. Before you get to college make up some sort of base about 3 or 4” square or round. Drill a hole in the centre for the top union in the pump to fit so that the tube stands upside down. Then buy a couple of artificial flowers and put those in it and stand it on the window cill - or somewhere where it can be easily seen (but not hidden). Then no-one will take any notice of it.

You’ll have to work out your own reason for the flowers I’m afraid.

But if your room mate also has a love of artificial flowers set in something similar then he is a member of Thundersplace! :)

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As a thought you could do without the pump and just use some rubber tubing and suck the vacuum out, then bend the tubing on itself and hold it with a spring clothes peg

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Use the bathmate for shower pumping I like it better then regular pumping. It has less fluid build up and is a self contained unit. You can also not over pump as with air pumps it will only expel enough water so your cock can expand. It uses water as a liquid solid, this is what helps with fluid build up.

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Maybe if you guys hit it off you could turn your roommate on to thunders and work out a schedule on privacy.

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Or if you are lucky enough, you could end up at a college that is allowing co-ed rooms. Then you wouldn’t have to explain the flowers.

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Just put shit in a drawer, What I did for awhile is I’d wrap it all up in a towel, go shower and PE. When I came back I’d have it wrapped in my pants, put my pants and pump in the dirty clothes basket, when roomie’s gone and towel is dry, refold it all and place it back into a drawer for your next session.

I just lock my door and pretend I’m sleeping or “doing homework” when hanging.


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