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PE as an addiction.

PE as an addiction.

So I’ve come to decide that I’m a hard gainer. I’ve been at this stuff for five months now and have only gained around a half an inch in both dimensions.

That’s fine, but it just seems like a lot of work.

Everytime I look down now, my mind keeps saying, “It needs to be bigger…it needs to be bigger.” BTW-I’m around 7.2 BPEL and 5 EG.

I find myself ignoring other daily things in my life to succumb to my PE desires. I find myself doing routines even when I truly DO NOT feel like doing them.

Now that I have a true feel to what this stuff can really do, I crave it. I never want to take days off, but I know I must.

Perhaps the biggest thing is that it’s affecting my relationship of three years. I love my girlfriend, but when it comes to sex, this PE stuff is making me want to look elsewhere. (Sidenote: Lastnight she called me, “Big Penis Boy???”)

I wouldn’t say she’s prude, but straight up missionary all the time is lame; and a blowjob once every two months is not cool. Love she consider these things though, HUh.

I just feel like I can’t stop, and I want to share my new endowments with more sexually active women.

An Addiction that’s screwing with me, or A New Look at Life, ultimately leading to better things?

I have no Idea, But i think I’m stuck with PE for life.

Originally Posted by scottydont518
So I’ve come to decide that I’m a hard gainer. I’ve been at this stuff for five months now and have only gained around a half an inch in both dimensions.

I stopped reading right there. Gaining half an inch in both dimensions in five months makes you at least an average gainer, if not an easy gainer, in my experience. Definitely not a hard gainer.

Curious what others have to say on this.

Some people never gain what you gained in 5 months especially when your talking girth. PE is just like any other

hobby except you get a big dick. Try to find a balance in life it’s never easy.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Personally I would be very pleased if I could gain .5” in both dimensions within 5 months.

You may think that you’re not gaining fast enough, therefore you start to think about things you can do to improve gains, and that’s were the “PE addiction” starts. You really should try to ease your mind knowing that you’re making good gains. Set yourself a short term goal, because I get the idea that you only have your final goal in mind.

Yo man, you’ve got a big unit as it is. Take a chill pill. :)

Set up a routine, like do some PE after you shower or before bed or both. Stop constantly wanting to gain – you’ll enjoy it so much more if you take them as they come. Dunno bout the rest of you guys, but if I measure constantly I get frustrated. Think of PE more as a health benefit. Penile Enhancement I think is the popular term.

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I think you guys are right. Thanks for all the advice.

My obsession is really the addiction, not PE.

And now that I think about it, I’ve seen most of my gains, when I wasn’t so over-indulged; they just kind of popped up out of nowhere.

I’ll use Beasty’s advice, and take that chill pill.

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