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PE and True Research?

PE and True Research?

Ok guys it seems like All the PE techniques plus the injury hot wraps and blah blah blah are not Proven by any research, how come? Why no doctor or any medical researcher ever decided to do research on PE? Till this time we still don’t know what is the best routine 1 day on 1 day off or 6days on 1 days of extreme routine. Also types of pressures and stuff? Everything we know is only because people try doing it and see what works what doesn’t so then they tell others. But still there is no proven and medically researched ways of PE. Some sites claim that but I believe it is all BS. How come there is so much research being done to Weightlifting? I believe GUYS are more obsessed with the size of their penis then their muscles. Probably most of us would rather have nice long and thick penis then muscular body. There isn’t even one person on this word who is an expert in PE????? It seems to be weird to me.

Maybe the research is lacking because there is little financial incentive for the medical establishment to invest the time. PE is free surgeries cost thousands of dollars.

Perhaps it is difficult to get subjects to do the studies. I don’t mind PEing in private but I would sure be embarrassed to have a bunch of people examining my (what I consider) small peepee.

And as far as the best method, it seems like people respond differently to various techniques so it is a matter of finding which works best for the individual.

I know it’s frustrating because it can be time consuming to try things that don’t work only to have to try something else but that seems to just be the way it is.

I think GFI has the right idea …

It would be most difficult - and considerably tedius - to design a test protocol which could cover even the MINIMUM number of permutations and combinations to do a thorough test of PE in a lab setting.

Some of us pump and manual PE, other stay with manual work only. Still others hang … and any number of other routines we have designed.

In addition, there are time constraints to consider, lifestyles (diet, age, weight, general physical fitness, etc.) to factor in - in short, a NIGHTMARE for a scientific study.

In our forum here, the “clinic” is open to all comers (no pun intended) and each of us can learn from those who share their experience, strengths and work. Even HARD GAINERS like me are encouraged to keep working, because of the successes we read about.

As a natural-born skeptic, I tend to reserve judgement on a lot of things until I can “see” the results, or conclusive “proof” is offered (yes - even things theological) - however, there is enought “proof” in these forums and threads to “show” me that PE is a science, and those wo practice it to even modest gains are poineers.

Finally - science has tended to regard “sex” research “dirty” and shameful … as a “second-class” discipline. Shame on the world of the laboratory. Maybe the “social” sciences will pick up where “hard” science has lapsed.


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Indeed. You can see a similar rant on this topic in Dr. Duke’s “The Green Pharmacy.” In that case, he’s ranting about herbalism, but the meaning is the same. Real, solid clinical tests take tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform. What’s more, PE would be a very hard test. In most cases of clinical studies, you’re talking about testing the effect of a pill for a few weeks. Compare that to the difficulty of getting a group of people to do actual exercises for hours a day for months. No company has incentive to spend a million dollars to perform proper testing of something that they get nothing in return for. So they prove PE works. Now what? They can’t patent it. They can’t sell it as exclusively theirs. Basically, there’s no return on the investment, so no one does it.

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