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PE and research.


PE and research.

As I told you before I’m currently attending MedSchool here in Montreal.
Therefore, I have access to an incredibly large scientific database called Medline. It includes hundred thousands articles about various scientific topics.

Today I was curious to see if keywords like penis enlargement or anything related to penile would return any result on research concerning PE. I was very surprised to see that there is no evidence of research regarding natural PE. Where are all the research claimed by devices such as Penimaster or Fastsize? THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON PE. NOTHING. Out of thousands and thousands articles, I couldn’t find even one sentence related to natural PE.

Either there’s something wrong with the engine, either I’m going to be a Urologist and show evidence that PE does work once and for all.


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You could do natural PE as a sort of urological sub-specialty. You’d either be laughed out of the profession or make millions.

I started a thread on pie-in-the-sky PE research a while ago, apparently inspired by a thread you started: I’ll fund your PE research

What kind of research do you think you would need to give your new speciality enough legitimacy in the medical community to attain some semblence of professional respect? Or, is it possible?

Maybe the scientists are keeping the knowledge to themselves. Telling the world it is impossible, but walking around with a 12 inch penis.

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There is indeed no medical evidence, simply because there is a total lack of scientific studies. I searched medline as well and came up with the same result.

The reason must be that - while it is obvious from a medico-biological standpoint that pe should work industry does not sponsor expensive studies since people buy even completely useless pills, patches, and creams. So big must be a man’s desire to grow one’s dick that industry can sell both useful and completely useless product without evidence that it works. Why invest in research then?

And then - imagine you were already a doctor. How much you could charge a patients who tells you: ‘hi doc, I want a bigger dick’ - and you answer - ‘well just pull and squeeze, check at thunders :) . Not much I guess.

Later - ttt

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Originally Posted by jackdaniel
Where are all the research claimed by devices such as Penimaster or Fastsize?

These supposed “studies” (a.k.a. bullshit) have not been published in peer-reviewed journals.

A big obstacle to doing medical research on PE is that a normal-sized penis is not considered a medical disorder. Mainstream urologists frown on surgical PE for this reason, given all the risks it entails.

The government is unlikely to fund PE research, even if you couch it in terms of micropenis treatment, so you’d probably have to rely on private industry for funding. As TTT says, they have little motivation to fund legitimate studies when they can successfully sell their wares (via internet spam) without any research to back up their claims.

Then again, you may not require significant funding if you want simply to show that manual PE methods work. The promise of a potentially larger penis alone should be enough to entice some participants, and data collection and analysis should not require extra personnel.

Do you have the opportunity (or requirement) of an independent research project during your med-school years? Affiliation with a respected academic institution will help your chances of being taken seriously and being published eventually…

I would personally hate for PE to become accepted mainstream, so that I’d have to gain TWO inches to stay ahead of the guys who gained ONE inch through PE. Ignorance is BLISS - for US. Why are guys here so worried about credibility in the world at large?

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Ditto what dangleman said.

Until the medical field finds a way to make money from natural penis enlargement why should they study about it. It’s all about the Benjamen’s.

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The answer seems painfully obvious to me. Sorry to be so blunt.

There is no ethical upside to PE.
Furthermore, not much money to be made in it either.

It’s really as simple as that. You gotta have one or the other.

Why spend precious resources (time and money) on research that’s largely based upon men’s psychological feeling of inadequacy?

AIDS, Cancer, etc. and you want to be the guy who works on making dicks bigger when there’s No Good Reason To Do It.

Also, you’re not just wasting your own time and money, but also the time and money of every single guy who spends time on it.

That being said, I’m sitting here after 1.5 hours of hanging with an ADS. Yeah, I’m projecting… I know.

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Look how much precious time and money is spent on female body image. In a sense dick-size is less so merely a psychological issue, as in fact dicks do actually have a physical function in sex, and do in fact have to have a certain size in order to produce orgasms in women.

But anyway, I myself though do not care at all about whether or not the public at large or anyone else for that matter accepts or embraces or whatever PE. In fact, particularly with all the ridiculous focus on dick-size on tv shows, songs all over the radio, etc I frankly would rather not negate my little way of making up for any possible perceived if not real shortcomings by promoting the widespread penis enlargement.

To be honest, I somewhat resent the fact that I feel more compelled to PE than I otherwise might simply because I actually want to please women and yet have to be concerned that their satisfaction is tempered by unrealistic expectations cultivated by a ridiculous trend in popular culture.

I have access to PubMed and numerous databases, and will be attending a US medical school in August. I was actually doing some research today and found an interesting study on some kind of injectable solution for glans penis enhancement. I could site the article if anyone is interested.


Large4life, please do. I agree with Vk’s post. The media is putting out all these half-truths and accusations about men and their tool like we are expendable. We lose our sense of individuality. It’s like these people don’t care about who you are, but rather the size of your dong. And it’s at the point where, you can take someone who is butt-ass ugly, homeless, an asshole, but has an 8 inch dick and say he is better or more of a man than say someone who is good looking, financially well off and with a favorable personality, but has a 5 or 6 inch dick. I’m sorry but no, they have cerebral pulsy, people who think like that, in my opinion, are a poor excuse for a human being and are not worthy of life. Sadly this is like, everyone, or so it seems.

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The biggest reason there isn’t much in this is that the only method that reliably works takes discipline and effort. It’s like staying in shape; there are no secrets, but because there isn’t much money in telling people to get off their butts, we need to make devices and pills and such.

Thankfully, the laziness inherent in man will help insure we have no shortage of devices, pills, gimmicks, and snake oil in any field we want!


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Originally Posted by jackdaniel
I have access to an incredibly large scientific database called Medline.

I have access to Medline also, I’ve been contemplating on researching the same thing :)

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