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PE and "Permanence"

I really do not see a big problem with life-long PE.Just like we get used to shaving every day we can get used to yanking on our dick in the shower a couple of times a week for 10-20 minutes.What’s the big deal here?:)

My plan is this: grow it to the size I like and then maintain easy PE a couple of times a week from then on.I think I will enjoy just knowing that THAT is the way to keeping the size.Hey, after all there is the way to keep your gains.So cheer up!

Stats(11-01-05):6'' BPEL x 4.56'' EG 12-01-05 :6.35'' BPEL x 4.56" EG 01-01-06 :6.5'' BPEL x 4.63'' EG 5-month goal: 6.75'' BPEL x 5'' EG Final goal: 8.25'' BPEL x 6.25'' EG

I don’t see how the results would not be permanent if, according to information I had read, that what is taking place is cellular regrowth, though the cementing periods seem logical if you think of it like braces and retainers although a completely different concept

Permanence of PE

“Likewise, as our cocks grow so does the skin. However, if we later lose size, we might end up with baggy cock skin.”

Hi Wadzilla - You’re always a “good read”. The baggy cock skin caught my attention? What you propose is:
1/ the dick get smaller
2/ the skin stay the same

Both the dick and the skin are made of cells. Fat ladies that loose a lot of weight have to take away excessive skin by surgery. Why doesn’t the skin cells “shrink” (if they grew in size) or die (if they multiplied through cell division)?

I believe that if skin is stretched to a certain degree it will “stretch back” due to it’s elasticity if the force behind the stretch (I.e. Fattening or a lot of PE) is removed. But if the skin has been stretched above that degree my belief is that genuine cell division will take place as you suggest (baggy cock skin). I’ve been reading about hospitals that “grow skin” on one body part in order to replace damaged skin elsewhere on the body. They use stretching devices. I even read about one guy who lost his penis in some kind of accident - they grew a “penis” on his forearm and later replaced his lost Willie (Just a cosmetic non functioning penis - stuffed with good knows what). I don’t think these patients have to stretch or exercise their new skin replacements. I truly believe that - if stressed enough - cell division will take place in skin cells and possibly simultaneous cell growth. The Holy Grail of PE is to accomplish this effect (division!, growth is a added bonus) in OTHER TYPES OF CELLS. I do not think it’s a question of permanence vs. Non permanence. Some of the gains made are probably enlarged cells that will shrink if PE stops. But if some of the gains are accomplished through cell division these gains should be permanent.

Of course human cells die all the time. But each cell that dies is always replaced by a new one in the same place (If not we would all die as children). When we get older this cell replacement will start to be less efficient and faultier - but that’s something different and will affect even the lucky guys born with a massive member.

When you exercise (cardio), your heart will grow in size as you get more trained. If you stop the exercises you will probably lose some of the size - but will you loose all of it? Is it possible that your heart always will be a little bit bigger? This is what I have heard. The heart is mainly a muscle so this contradicts the theory that muscle cells always loose their strength when we quit exercising - but the heart consists of so called smooth muscle cells - maybe they can divide! We also have smooth muscle cells in our penises - surrounding the sinusoid’s in the CC:s). Perhaps we can find some article covering this in the field of sports medicine. The muscle cells in the penis are similar to those in the heart - we can’t flex or de-flex them with our mind. I think they are controlled by biochemistry. Maybe if we learn more about changes in heart sizes we will learn more about the permanence of PE.

The body is clever - skin is exterior and gets damaged a lot for obvious reasons. So it’s a good thing if skin cells can divide in order to repair extensive damage fast. Stretchmarks as hardcore bodybuilders sustain probably originate from cell division - a rapid change in the stress level of the skin and the elasticity of the skin cells reaches the endpoint - the cells instead decide to divide in order to rapidly compensate for the stress. Some people call the stretchmarks scars - but there was never a cut to heal, the skin did not rupture - I believe it’s cell division.

Ordinary muscle cells get larger if exercised - but don’t divide. That’s at least what I have read. Maybe a good thing - because we always put stress on our muscles and if they divided every time we stressed them we would end up looking like Frankenstein’s monster or the Hulk. The clever thing is to grow in size - adapt to the stress - and diminish in periods of less stress (Big muscles consume more energy). It’s like if food is sparse the body will conserve energy better and vice versa.

So to the penis - what is the penis mass? I want to enlarge the mass, the skin and the ligs is not of real interest - If you want a bigger penis that fills up a pussy better you want to get more mass. Longer ligs will enhance the look and bring more of the interior penis forth but it will not give your penis more mass, and there is only so much interior penis to bring forth. The skin will adapt, that’s our least problem. If the interior mass grows - the skin will grow/divide/stretch or a combination of all three.

In the case of Megalophallus described elsewhere in Thunders the patient’s tunica expanded rapidly due to Priapism. According to the physicians theory the sinusoid’s (blood-filled spaces in the CC:s) then expanded rapidly like a sponge filled with water. What I’m aiming at is that the sinusoid’s maybe will adapt to the Tunica due to sheer elasticity. The Tunica is the tough resilient part of the interior penis. When we start PE from scratch the Veins grow (adapt) very fast to the high pressures during jelqing, pumping etc. That’s something all beginners notice immediately. I think the sinusoid’s adapt quick or/and have the needed elasticity to fill up an enlarged tunica from day one. In the Megalophallus case the physician stated that the Tunica for some biochemical reason lost it’s elasticity or possibly cells divided very rapidly. And then the Tunica stayed enlarged - permanence!. This condition did not inflict with the tumescence (hard on). The sinusoid’s just “filled up” the bigger room in the same short time (elasticity). The patients TUNICA changed and he grew a bigger and working cock that did not return to it’s previous state. We need to attack the Tunica - and Megalophallus shows us it’s possible to get a permanent bigger tunica!

1/ what type of cells does the Tunica consist of?
2/ If stressed - do these cells grow or/and divide or/and loose elasticity?
3/ is it possible that “the loss” of elasticity as in the Megalophallus case is the only way to enlarge the tunica?

Answer question #2 and you will be on your way to answer the question about the permanence of PE exercises. If the answer to question #2 is that cells both grow AND divide - then PE will be semi permanent.

As I’m quite new to this my first priority is to grow - but successful growth is linked to the question about permanence. I need to find a way to stress the Tunica in an effective way in order to establish preferably 100% cell division, if this is not possible I will go for a combination of growth and division, and if this fails I will just go for growth and later on lifelong maintenance of my new improved dick. But if all above fails I will opt for the loss of elasticity in my tunica - what the hell I’ll get a great shower.


40+ guy here who believes we get easier gains than younger guys. I gained 2.2” hanging, udoubtedly some of which was re-gain of prior lig length. The only PE I did to any extent was hanging heavy weight for long periods using a Bib hanger. I may have lost 1/8” after quitting hanging 2 years ago. HOWEVER, I have clamped off and on during this time which has some length element IMO which may be considered maintenance. Girth is fleeting I would guess due to much of it being fluid build-up.

To me PE is like brushing your teeth. You do it everyday. But in the PE aspect it differs from the exercises preformed. I can definitely see myself doing PE for the rest of my life. Maybe not as much as I do now but I will always be doing something. So thats enough permanence for me.

The key to success in anything in life is CONSISTENCY!- Anthony Ellis

Success comes to those who become success conscious.

Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious.- Napoleon Hill

Interesting thread

3/11 - 8.25 BPEL X 6.00 EG - GOAL 9.00 BPEL x 6.50 EG.

I just celebrated three years of PE and one and a half inches of length gain in the process.

To keep the gain I will have to continue, and probably suffer more length gain in the process.

A win win situation.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Well, is it not worth it? Lets say later on down the road, you reach your goal, get married have kids blah blah.. Its more of a question, is 10 minutes jelqing in the shower worth the 1.5” on your dick that shouldn’t be there in the first place? We are cheating genetics, I think it is dumb to even complain about to be honest. If something is worth having, then it is worth fighting for.

I know personally, I am 20 years old and once I reach my goals I will have NO problem doing a couple minutes maintenance everyday to keep the beast in check. Hopefully I still have another 30-40.. Shit, maybe even 50 years of F**king left in the sack, and I won’t let them go to waste! ;)

I wasn’t complaining in the least, and I’m fifty two this year, by the time I’m sixty my face and my dick will look similar and ill have a smile on my face.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

here is some report that PE at least works…no comment on permanence though but i cant imagine that you lose all 2 cm after you gained them when you dont PE anymore……10.09647.x/full

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL

Thinking about this i think that we need to separate the ligaments and tunica.

Thinking about it, it is quite logical to me that as the ligaments tighten up that you will lose some length however i do think that tunica gains will be more or less permanent.

Personally i would happily maintain for the rest of my life.

Life is great, enjoy it

Starting/Current Stats (BPEL*MSEG*BPFL) - December 2011: 6.4*5*4.2

Final Target: 9.6*7.6*7.2

Well yeah. We train them differently because they are different tissues, and respond differently to PE.

And people respond differently to the same or similar exercises.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Interesting thread.

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

PE has risks, however, after a time one becomes less prone to injury. So my greatest worry would be the long term effect on the tissues.

The penis isn’t designed to endure the stresses of PE, so wouldn’t loss of gain indicate that there isn’t any actual growth? Just temporary effects of stress?

And even if there is growth, who’s to say that those cells are actually normal?

There’s still so much researching up ahead before I can even think about starting PE :( :’)

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New to this too.

I will keep it simple.

I had a surgery that decreased my length by 2” and girth by about 1 inch.

The pumping and stretching I believe is loosening up the scar tissue and I am gaining some length and girth.

So, psychologically I feel better.

And I feel this is so much safer than going under the knife again and risking even more damage to my penis.

I read lots of guys who try injections with fat cells, silicone, etc. It seems too much is still trial and error.


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