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PE and genetics nutrigenetics

PE and genetics nutrigenetics

I mentioned in an other thread -

Girth theory: Pumping vs. clamping -

That there are genetic disorders which should greatly facilitate PE.

Since, I just learned that there exists at least one SNIP (single nucleotide polymorphism) which predisposes to collagen weakness. Again, this condition, which can be tested, would predispose to facilitate PE.

Since physicians look at the problem from the other side (improve bone, tendon, ligament strength) there are a number of nutritional recommendations for the carriers of the weak variant of that SNIP.

For those of us who are carriers of that SNIP it would be wise to disregard those recommendations in order to further weaken their collagen (=tunica and ligs).

Later - ttt

See my thread #416 and pudendum’s answer #423 for some details on EHLERS-DANLOS Syndrome and MARFANE syndrome.

MARFANE syndrome: mutation in chromosome 15, autosomal dominant, for more extensive info check google
EHLERS-DANLOS syndrome:heterogenous group of heritable connective tissue disease, for more extensive info check google

As for the SNIP-variants I am waiting for detailed info and will report soon.

Later - ttt

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