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PE and epidydimitis?

PE and epidydimitis?

Well I’m now 5 weeks post vasectomy and haven’t PE’d since.

I did some jelqing in the shower a couple of night ago before sex and I liked the results. But the next day, I noticed some swelling in the epidydimis on my left nut.

It’s calmed down a little but I’m not sure if it was caused by the jelqing.

Also, I’m itching to get back to using my penimaster. I think I’m pretty much healed up now, but I’m not sure if I should start just yet since I still have some hard scar tissue.

Finally, I’m wondering if taking L-arginine might have any adverse affects on my epydidimis or my healing scars.

Thank in advance!

Hi Rambone,

I suffer from epidydimitis, even had surgery some years ago. I don’t think jelqing or other techniques of PE cause the problem unless the strokes, tubes (in pumping), or any other device or maneuver traumatize the area directly. Exercise consciously not to hit your balls and Epidydimus.

Sex can be a major cause if the balls hit when you thrust hard, be careful about that.
Take care,

Can someone either post a picture or describe what an epididymus is? I thought my doctor gave me antibiotics for this once.



I doubt you have epididymitis. It’s completely normal and expected for there to be swelling and discomfort of the epidiymis a few weeks after a vasectomy once the sperm build up in there. This may take a year or more to clear up completely. Mine felt like marbles and were fairly uncomfortable to touch for a couple of months.

Epididymitis is an inflammation or infection of the epididymis, a convoluted duct that lies on the posterior surface of the testicle —

I had it twice during my younger years, and it’s most unforgettable. The first time, my scrotum just hurt a lot. Antibiotics took care of it rather quickly.

The second time… I started swelling up the vas deferens the whole way to the bladder. You could see the line of swelling, and eventually, I’d guess you could say it ulcerated. The pain was miserable. My doctor kept throwing strong antibiotics at it, and eventually it went away. It seemed like forever, but I think it was about two months.

If a person has to have an infection in the scrotal area, Epididymitis would have to be the the one you’d least want.

Trust me on this.

Went to the doc. Turns out it wasn’t the epidydimis that was sore, but the ______ forgot the word, but it’s the muscle that holds the testicle and stuff that must have gotten a spasm (maybe from jelqing for the first time in a month).

He could find nothing wrong and I wasn’t in any pain. It wasn’t nearly as swollen as it was the first night I discovered it.

So I’m confident now that I can start going back to my PE and PM again. Good thing, I’m getting so antsy to restart my routine and get back to my goals:

8x5.5 (realistic)

9.5x6 (hopeful)

10x6 (in my dreams)

currently I’m

6.89 BPEL x 5-5.25EG (depends if I’ve jelqed at all).

CAn I do it? Come on guys, can I?


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