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PE aginst ED

PE aginst ED

I can witness that PE works admirably to cure erectile disfunction (ED). When I engaged in PE a couple of years ago, I already had symptoms of ED. Not only it was cured by performing PE exercises -mainly jelq-, but I obtained increased sex power, as I never had before, not even in younger years. It was incredible, astonishing and marvelous. PE is so good that many men, skeptics by nature, don´t trust it. It´s as a regeneration or new birth for sex, with the healthy, strong feeling that usually belongs to young people, no matter your age.

Don´t worry, be happy.
No te preocupes, sé feliz.

As they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. I am glad PE is helping you out in your life, keep working :)

Ditto what Sparky said.



Thanks, guys.

I too can witness that even light jelqing and daily kegels boosts your boner. I wake up with morning wood like never before now.

Congrats on your success with PE!!! Thanks to PE, I have woken up with throbbingly painful erections- so hard that you could bend steel over my dick (maybe not- but they FEEL that hard). Usually, I get this hard if I have done light jelqing (15, 20 min… three - four hundred jelqs) followed by a BTB jelq session. BTB jelqing is one of the best ways to achieve a hard erection the next morning that I have discovered through PE.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

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