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PE : A Pragmatic Approach


Oh shit! I’ve broken rule number three, today I spent 5 hours surfing the forums, found some gem ofcourse ;) or i’m just nuts. hehe

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I don’t understand how I’ve missed this great post.

I like your science approach to PE Marinera. I will definitely start doing this spreadsheet log.

From Abbelito to Abbegrande

Start: BPEL 6.89, MEG 5.31

Now: BPEL 7.48, MEG 5.31

This post needs a sticky for quick reference.

What an inspirational post. Thank you marinera for your long dedication to this and for sharing what you know.

Thanks guys. It is also great to see that there are members using the search function. :)

Quantifiyi the invisible

The best way to get gains, is to be consistent. Being consistent is hard for the foremost reason that you can’t immediately see the output of your work. If you don’t have a number to measure the value of your work, it will be hard on the long run to be consistent; similarly, if you have a number - even a minuscule number - that will measure the gain you miss if you don’t do your scheduled work, it will be harder to not say - ‘Damn, I’m tired, I’ll do my PE session tomorrow’.

So, how to measure the invisible?

Here you are an example. Say the technique that you have chosen is manual stretching. You try to see if there is a way to figure out how many hours of work are on average required to get some gains. In my example, I will refer to Bennett8’ schedule : he did 20-30 minutes daily of fulcrum stretches, 7 days on 7, for three years and half. He gained 2,25” (I’m going to memory, this is just an example). His gains are basically unquestionated.

So, you use an excel sheet (or a paper journal) and you start recording what you do : in the first column you write the date; in the 2d column, you write the name of the exercise; in the 3d, the amount of PE work you do over the course of the day - so if you do three minutes of stretching in the morning and 3 in the evening, you have done 6 minutes today. In the 4th column you report the sum of the total PE work you have done since you started.

In the 5th, you calculate the ‘Gain Index’ : in this example, you have that Bennett8 did 30 minutes daily, for about 1300 days (365 x 3,5), so totally about 650 hours of manual fulcrum stretches; he gained 2,25”
Have nice gains.
[/QUOTE]OK marinera so am I reading this right ? bennett8 did 30 minutes daily, everyday, every single day , fulcrum stretches and gained 2 1/4 inches? I believe this and you . But now I am confused , you know I like fulcrum stretches , and after reading this I was thinking what about rest days , he didn’t have any , I know everybody is different , our penises are pretty much made the same way , tunica, CC, CS and so on. Help me here I am confused, no rest days? I believe his gains. And I believe he took no rest days. that’s the part that is confusing me.

He used his hands as fulcrum. This way you can apply less force than when using a pipe or such as a fulcrum, I think. He also did very short sessions through the day, 5-6 workouts a few minutes each; this way the amount of harm (so to speak) he was causing would be limited and easy to recover from. Finally, as you said, everyone is different. A few factors can make a world of difference.

Ok Just read through most of his thread , I see the short , multiple sessions, he would do throughout the day , plus some vitamin e cream he would apply. I also read in that thread where you posted that a case study done at thunders if one session vs many would show different results and it didn’t according to the findings. I would have to agree with your comment that I’m probably using a lot more force than he was. Thanks again marinera for all your advice . I’m glad he shared his journey and exercise routine.

I agree with your conclusions about his gains and using a method that precluded excessive force and thus also he avoided injurious setbacks. I was thinking one could utilize gettingrowns compilation also to see where they might fall within the statistical parameters for future growth.


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