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PC/Kegel help

PC/Kegel help

Hi everyone great site and look forward to learning more and more.

I have been (trying) to do kegels for while now, before i joined this site, and i have trouble holding the squeeze of the pc muscle. I can stop the urine flow and can tense the pc but i can’t actually hold onto this for longer and a second or so. When i read that you have to hold for 20 seconds i just about faint. I can do lots of short tensing of the pc i can’t hold onto it. Sometime i do but this usually involves my abs and ass muscles as well, which apparently you aren’t meant to use.

Can anyone tell me if they have found this to be a problem as well and if so how do i go about holding the pc muscle for longer periods. i realise that it won’t happen straight away but i think 1second holds are inadequate and i must be doing something wrong.

Also, i am reasonably happy with my size, especially eg. however i wouldn’t mind another inch or two in el. could anyone recommned a routine that is quick, maybe be done in the shower, as i have limited time to dedicate to pc currently. I am more concerned with working my pc which can be done anytime, work school etc.

I look forward to hearing your responses.

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The anal sphincters (and even abdominals) may also tense when you try to kegel, since it’s not a muscle you’re used to tensing. It makes sense that your control of it is not very accurate. As long as you’re tensing your pc muscle, tensing your anus (and even abs) doesn’t matter too much. I mean the important thing is that you ARE tensing your PC muscle. That being said if you’re also tensing all these other muscles simultaneously this will probably take more energy… you’ll gain some control with practice.

There are a number of recommended exercises for the BC/PC muscle in men (see this thread). You don’t have to hold it for 20 seconds for the Kegel exercises to be effective. Two or three hundred every other day, holding each for one or two seconds, will be more than enough to strengthen it and improve erections and ejaculation.

I have the same exact problem, and have done quite a bit of searching (for about an hour - so I have not searched FULLY, yet.) But I have seriously been using my PC muscle for well over 2 years - almost 3. Hence, I must be doing something wrong if I can’t hold it in. The reason I care so much now is I am trying to master the “multi orgasmic man,” and it requires a STRONG PC muscle.. I must be doing something wrong, anyone have any ideas?

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I think that the key to building up your BC is to train it as you would any other muscle. For once we are actually talking about a muscle, so work on exercising your BC muscle to failure. I initially couldn’t hold mine for more than 1-2 seconds, but I worked on it on a daily basis, building up to 3 second squeezes, then 5 seconds, then upwards. Do as many as you can at the set length (starting short) until you can’t do any more. Then after a week, add a second or two, eventually building up the strength until you can hold it for as long as you want. I have been holding mine since I started typing this over a minute ago and I could probably keep it held for a couple more minutes before it becomes uncomfortable.

It is the same as all PE, keep working, focus on your training and the gains will come. The advantage of BC training is that you can do it anywhere and anytime and no one will know. Squeeze on the way to work, while sat at work, through boring meetings, while watching tv, any time you have free, you can squeeze and the strength will grow.


edit: I’ve now been holding the squeeze for over 5 minutes, so it is possible to train your BC to be really strong.


Just do your one second ones whenever you think about it for as many reps as you can do. Don’t worry about doing longer ones. And you aren’t going to injure it either. Then increase them as the others have said, to two second holds, then three, etc. If you do this every day whenever you think about it, (LB gave you some great advice), before you know it you’ll be able to hold them as long as you want.

I started to hold mine when I started reading this thread and I’m still holding it—after 7 months of PE. If you make it a regular part of your daily routine, soon you’ll be doing them without even thinking about it.

There’s so much to learn here, isn’t there. Good luck, Friendly.


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Originally Posted by horsehung
I started to hold mine when I started … I’m still holding it—after 7 months of PE.

Blimey!! I thought that my 5 minutes was good! That’s longer than I’ve been without sex.


Don’t be so “cocky!” (Lol).


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It is possible to do PC and ab work in the same exercise. Check out this thread for more information:

Ab exercise that incorporates Kegels


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Friendly,Go drink a bunch of water and when you have to piss let a little out and stop the flow for maybe 5 seconds,then let a bit more out and stop it again.This may be a good way for you to get the feeling of squeezing and holding the pc muscle,work your way up to 20 seconds or whatever and after some practice you should be able to do it without having to piss.


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