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PC flexes/Kegels questions

PC flexes/Kegels questions

Hi everyone,

First I would like to thank everyone who has replied to my posts, you have all been a great help to me, thanks a lot.

Now to the question at hand. I understand that PC Flexes/Kegels are very important to overall penis health, and should be a part of every routine. My question is can you over do it. How many PC Flexes/Kegels per day is too much. I would like to know about your experiences with them so I can find a good amount to do.


Do them all the bloody time. Any time you’re sitting around, do them. I haven’t done them regularly in a while. But in Septemeber, after months of doing huge amounts of kegels each day (I didn’t count), I was experiencing orgasms so intense that I would get tunnel vision.

Thanks for the reply,

Do you think 6 sets of 500 PC flexes spread throughout the day is a bit excessive, or do you think its ok?

thanks again,

I’m just starting PEing and when I do my PC flexes I don’t really count but I would guess that I do about 1,000 per day. Just while watching TV, In a lecture, driving, ect. Do as many as you feel you can do. I also mix mine up a bit holding and doing pulse flexes as well. You can’t do too many really because your now working on a muscle so it will get tired after a while. It seems your worried about events that can happen but while doing PC flexes you really don’t.

What I’m really trying to say is that if you do your routine you aren’t working muscles so you need to be concerned more. But when doing PC flexes your just working another muscle like going to the gym, so your body will let you know when to take a break without much if any damage occuring because its a hard muscle like your abs. You can work it everyday and it will repair over night :)

Originally posted by bigbedu

Do you think 6 sets of 500 PC flexes spread throughout the day is a bit excessive, or do you think its ok?

Yes. Three thousand a day is probably overkill. Most guys do well with300-600 per day. I like illist22’s idea of doing a few now and then throughout the day.

I don’t know if 6 sets of 500 would be excessive. It sounds like a lot, but when I was doing a lot, I did them all the time and never counted. But once again, it does sound like a lot. Maybe do WestLA’s suggestion.

Also, I have found it useful to hold the kegel for a while at the end of a set, I think that this helps.

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