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PBFSL supported by medical community

PBFSL supported by medical community

OK, it’s only one urologist, but he did publish an article in a newspaper directed at urologists where he advocated bone pressed flaccid stretched length as a valid way to perform repeat measurements of penis length. His method does not include the glans (head) of the penis, but that sort of makes sense since it’s where one has to hold the penis during measurement and could be distorted with different amounts of pressure.

“Prior to beginning any reconstruction, penile stretched length should be measured. This is performed by measuring the dorsal shaft length from the pubis (by pushing down the pubic fat pad) to the corona. This length uses two fixed points during repeated measurements preformed pre-, intra-, and postoperatively.”

The article is about corrective surgery for extreme penile curves, especially those due to Peyronie’s disease, using tunica albuginea plication. It was published earlier this year, but I found it today while looking for something else.…il.jsp?id=98478

WARNING: surgical photos accompany the article.

These guys are geniuses! How long have we been using the FSL? Years…?

That hurts me just looking at it…..but I had to look.

Thanks for the post.

Originally Posted by secjay
These guys are geniuses! How long have we been using the FSL? Years…?

LOL! Since I’ve had a computer there hasn’t been a single thing a doctor has told me that I already didn’t know before I went into the office, but I still need them to write the prescriptions when I’m sick. Just gotta find a way around that and I’m set.

Start (6/23/04): 7.25 BPEL X 4.75 EG As of (7/12/05): 8.00" BPEL X 5.00" EG Midshaft (5.25 base) Short Term Goal: 8.0 BPEL X 5.25 EG Midshaft Long Term Goal : 8.5 BPEL X 6.0 EG

I’ll never look at a off link again, I’m still hurting just thinking about it.

At list I know what not to do.

Good Post West.


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