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Paysites... good or bad?

Paysites... good or bad?

What are you feelings on PE PAY SITES?

Hinderence or Help?

Or attention grabbing for the masses so it is a needed evil?


I personaly think paysites are scams that prey on people who are in a gullable state of mind.

I think paysites tell you what you want to hear. Even though it may or may not be the truth.

Some things on them may be actually be what it says it is & do as advertised. But theres also so much bullshit that its hard to sort through & tell whats what.

Most of the products on them are sold no where else & amazing discoveries. Why do you only see them on paysites. To sell you something you want to believe in.

I think paysite can discourage people from actually being able see any gains ever because they are scamed on by paysites & decide its a bunch of bullshit.

I am speaking in general. There may be exceptions to the rule.


Nothing worth obtaining is free, yet the best things in life are free.

I got into PE through a pay site. I wouldn’t recommend against it. I was able to see videos, which really helped my PE in the initial stages. If one has the money, why not? $40 is nothing compared to $600 jes extender or $3000 lig surgery.

On the other hand, the info provided on this forum and others is more than enough to obtain all necessary information to carry out PE well and safely. In fact, through forums you get a lot more. Most pay sites have heir own forums.

I don’t regret spending the money, but I would first recommend a good forum (such as this or PEforum) for the person to then be able to judge for themselves. I was about to pay into BA’s site before I decided to get into hanging, just to get hold of further info, videos etc.


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