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Paysite thoughts

Paysite thoughts

I just wanted to share some thoughts about paysites. I am pretty new to PE and bought into 2 of them- and I am glad I did on one of them (, and I will tell you why. I noticed a lot of vets telling newbies to avoid paysites because the information is available here for free- that we have all done the paysites and they are not worth it. I agree that the info is here, but the problem when one is just starting is that there is too much information and no basic routine WITH PICTURES OR VIDEO to help a newbie get started. Now, I hate to put lil12big1 on the spot, but this is a perfect tutorial now that you have the software to do it with. You could start by showing the application of heat, the basic manual static stretches, jelquing, maybe a basic squeeze or two, then massage and heat to finish. IMHO that is what makes a paysite initially worth the $$- the ability to see what you are supposed to do. This is just food for thought- I realize it would be time consuming, but if there is any financial outlay to be met I am sure members will help out if you give us an amount. What does everyone think?

Value statement

The main (not only) value of the one pay site that I joined is it lead me to Thunder’s. I have not been back for some time (to BP) and I heard they are no longer supporting the site (anyone else hear this?).

At any rate, I feel I am getting much more bang for the $ supporting Thunder when compared to my limited experience with the pay site BP.

I would like to hear other’s experiences with other pay sites, but I bet a similar story will be told.

To BP’s credit, they did get me started and interested. Then I found a bigger better deal over here.


My point exactly- it helps you to get started then you find Thunders and PEForum. The challenge is to have the content newbies need to get started and figure out a way to get them here before they spend $$ elsewhere.


same place and same story here.

Hopefully I´ll be a forum contributor in a few months, I´m using the bib-starter since sep 1:st and it feels good to hang, now I´m waiting for results. When they come I feel like I should contribute to this site to show my appreciation for Thunder and the helpful members.


Look forward to your results. I am not quite as far along as you. I am about convinced to start a hanging routine, but I am trying to proceed very cautiously.

Seems to me, certain body types (although I have not been able to identify exactly which ones) need hanging to achieve gains. I have made some gains, but would like to see if hanging can kick in the afterburners. I am not in any big hurry, but I think some type of yanking and tugging will help. Especially when you look at the progress hangers are making.

I’m off topic again…better stop now.


I wasted $40 on a site last year, - It appears that someone else is now running the site but it still has the exact same content as before. Site says it updates daily but I don’t see any changes from the last time I was there (few months ago).

I think you can pick up everything from this forum and best of all it is free! Although Thunder does ask for donations. I personally have not kicked in yet but I will, I think its worth it. Unfortunately for me and my creditors I haven’t worked in some time because of a serious lower back injury (3 fusions and 6lbs of titanium hardware). I’m on my way to getting back to gainful employment though and will help keep this site alive with a little $$$ - like I said it is worth it!


I’m a bigPenis member. I think this program give me important advices as novice, but this is not a complete guide to PE… I found interesting exercises and VIDEOS and good support at the first, but I can’t learn proper jelq technique on their site. I don’t think I wasted my money, but I think they don’t review the program for a long time

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