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Pauses or not?

Pauses or not?

I’ve been wondering (about stretching), which is the better? For an example we can say that a routine is stretches in all directions, 30 seconds each, and doing three of them. 3x30 that is. Is it better or worse to do 1x1.30? I mean that you skip the pauses in between and put all the repetitions together instead.


It is the same principle as working out in a gym. You do sets of exercises, you don’t do straight repetitions.

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I read somewhere (an experiment about stretching legs) saying that it does not matter about the sets, the total time is the key. I do my single 7 direction @3min, and many people do the same.

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I pull as hard as I can take for 30s so longer reps would mean lower forces. This translates to more work done in shorter period of time, so I am comfortable sticking with 30s holds.

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