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Patent Application for Penis Stretcher

Now that is truly priceless. Mastercard needs to pick up on that one.

Hardware for construction: $59

Paperwork, processing, and filing fees: $100

Putting a patent on the device that will lengthen the dick’s of all mankind: priceless


It looks a lot like the Penimaster. Nice research.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

THanks, 678. I noticed the frequency of your posts dropped off after you noted that, if it weren’t for PE, you’d be making an additional $250,000 per year. I hope business is good ;) .

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Ah, why would someone bother applying for a patent after the device has been on the market for so long? (look at the date, september 2004)
It will never be granted unless a provisional patent application was lodged prior to the thing being marketed.

Maybe it is a case of someone applying for a patent based on a Penimaster, and then trying to muscle them out of the market with a patent?
And thait wouldn’t work either as all they have to do is show that they manufacturered and marketed the device prior to the patent application and either the patent would be denied (as it is not “novel” or new) or they would be granted leave from the patent and still be free to maunfacturer it anyway.
Seems very strange to me.


I thought the same thing. Perhaps they’re just trying to claim a small improvement over the conventional design. THe claims are fairly specific.

I have no idea how long this idea has been around. The US application claims priority to a 2003 Spanish patent application. As I understand it, the US gives inventors in foreign countries one year from their foreign application dates to file in the US. Note that hte Spanish filing date is exactly one year prior to the US date. If the idea predates October 28, 2003, the US Patent Office will probably reject the claims.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I’m not sure exactly how US Patents laws work with regard dates of prior art, but an patent based on prior art the new design needs to demonstrate significant improvement in how the design works.

This is why I firmly believe that patent specifications should not include drawings. They should be well described to ensure what you want covered is, but it also allows other similar designs you may not have thought of at first, to be protected.

Penismaster will never allow it. All they have to prove is that 1 person on the entire planet knew about the device, or something substantially similar, at least 1 year before this patent app was filed. It would be called “prior art” and if he couldn’t show a serious difference then no patent.

Even if it is granted the first court case he brought against an “infringer” would end his patent permanently. What good is a patent you can’t protect? LOL

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