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passive stretching

passive stretching

I read in a post that I cant seem to find now… that someone was using a stretching/hanging device to lightly hang for long durations, just to keep the ligaments a little stretched. From the description it didnt sound heavy at all, sort of like just extending the penis to maybe 80-90% of full flaccid stretched length. Using an elastic or something.

Is there any benefit to this? would this impede healing if used too often? if this has any use, how long and how often would you suggest?

I was thinking of trying wearing this config to sleep, using a swim cap wrap and a strip of elastic fastened to just under my knee to keep the stretch.

anyone ?

Hey Sam,
I would forget that “while you sleep” stuff, besides being dangerous, I think your cock needs the rest also. Could be when all the repair/growth takes place and you wouldn’t want to hinder that now, would you? :)

Some of the other guys doing/thinking about this, will chime in shortly I think. It has been a slow weekend because of the holiday, give them a day or two at the beginning of the week and you should get some feedback.

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Hi Sam!

Thunder is correct. While you sleep there is no way of monitoring the state of your penis if you’re using a stretcher. There is a very real posibility you could wake up and find your penis has suffered severe necrosis (tissue death) from lack of oxygen - this would be devastating!!! :( (gangerine, amputation, severe nerve damage - don’t even think about it!)

I’ve tried a few overnight stretchers with little success. They are either dangerously tight and need close minitoring while others will make you wake up because they’ve become too uncomfortable. Others simply slip off as your penis shrinks while you rest. The best and safest method I have found so far is a simple Traction Wrap. This allows for good circulation but even so there’s still a good possibility that you’ll wake up and want to take it off during the night and it really only has benifit if it is applied straight after hanging.

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hi sam read through this thread it has alot of info and links

New Stretcher Contraption

ok guys, thanks

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