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Passing of Jason_Els


I’m so sorry to hear you have left us Jason Els.

You will be sadly missed. But Rest in Peace now.


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Just 43 that’s very sad, RIP.

May you find your way, Jason. RIP.

That’s very sad to hear. RIP.

May he rest in peace, and I pray the peace and comfort of the Lord be with his family.

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I really liked that guy.


I loved his avatar too. Something so soothing about that green background.

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I was looking back at Jason_Els’ posts and recalling what a smart and genuine guy he was. I think Thunder’s meant a lot to him while he was active here. He contributed everywhere — PE, politics, culture, relationships… — and was consistently respectful, knowledgeable and supportive. He shared more of his heart and vulnerabilities than most of us do, and I sometimes imagined him as sensitive, introspective man who was often sad and loney, although I hope that wasn’t what his life was really like. He seemed like a sweet, cool guy I wish I could have known in real life. I’m sure he has some very sad loved ones who will miss him very much.

I think one way we could honor his life is by learning more about esophageal cancer and doing all we can to not lose another one of us to the disease. Here are some links:…gealcancer.html…?siteare a=cri…geal_Cancer.htm
(That last article says: “Esophageal adenocarcinoma is the fastest growing cancer in the western world.”)

Jesus Chr**t!! Why can’t we find something to finally cure cancers? R.I.P. my friend.

Rest in peace

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R.I.P Jason.


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